Year 3/4 – Dahl, Stevenson and Swindells

Welcome to the LKS2 Page

Meet our Team

Dahl Class - Mrs Madden and Mrs Mansfield

Stevenson Class - Miss Horner

Swindells Class - Mr Berry

Assisting Adults: 

Mrs Barnard

Mrs Benham

Mrs Bingham

Mrs Real-Lage


Key Information:

PE - From January 2020: 

Dahl Class: PE on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Stevenson Class: PE on Wednesday and Friday.

Swindells Class: PE on Wednesday and Friday.

Please make sure kit comes in on a Monday and stays in school until Friday.

Homework - Homework will be handed out on a Friday and is expected back in on the following Wednesday.

Year 3 Children will receive Maths each week.

Year 4 Children will receive Maths and Literacy each week.

Spellings - Spellings grids are in Homework books and children will be tested on these the following Wednesday. Tests will be completed in the back of Homework books. If you require an additional spelling grid to be kept at home, please ask your class teacher. Scrap paper can also be provided if requested. 

Things to remember:

Year 3 remember your swimming costumes on Tuesday.

PE kit to be in school on

Monday and

taken home 

on Friday.


You will have seen that all children now have A4 purple homework books. We have put the homework grids and Year 3/4 spelling lists in them for your reference. We have reminded the children of our presentation expectations for their homework. Children should use writing pencil only unless they have been awarded their pen licence. Homework should also be handed in by Wednesday of the following week in order to receive a house point.

Year 4 English Homework

This will be sent home on Fridays in their Homework book. 

Maths Homework 

Handwriting - To practice handwriting neatly by writing words from large to small, see the attachment below as an example.

Please remember -

Homework is set on a Friday

and due in on the next Wednesday





Our weekly update from Friday:

What have we been up to?






Remember to continue your reading at home, and keep practising those times tables for our weekly 99 club sessions! If you read 5 times a week (and have your record signed by an adult) you will earn a sticker. The more stickers you have, the more  you can earn!

Helpful Links

For extra maths questions



The LKS2 team will continue to fill this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we've done and more as the term continues.


Practising handwriting.

The children have been practising their

handwriting in this way, starting as large

as possible to clearly practice the appropriate

joins between letters.


In the example 'dog' here, you can see that
the letter is given 9 lines to be written
making sure that the ascenders touch
the top 
line, and the descenders touch the
bottom of 
the ninth line. This allows each
'section' of the 
letter to fill 3 lines. In the next
example there 
are 6 lines for the letter, 2 for
the ascending, 2 
for the descending and 2 for
the middle 
section. This is continued until the
children can write the letter within the spaces of just one line.



🎶 Learn the Months of the Year in Spanish Song

🎶 Spanish Numbers Song 1-10

We have been learning this song in Year 3 if they would like to practise it at home!

Spellings Homework

We hope you have found the overview sheet useful. New spelling lists have been sent home for this week. 

Times Table Support 

Want help learning your times tables? Then this is the game for you!


All Yours

A card game for 2 or more players

The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards by practising multiplication.

You will need:

A pack of cards


How to play:

1. Deal all the cards between the players. The cards are kept in piles face down. Kings and Queens = 12, Jacks = 11 and aces = 1.

2. Player 1 turns over their top card and places it in the middle of the table. Player 2 turns over their top card and has to multiply the numbers on the 2 cards. If the correct answer is given then the next player turns over their top card and multiplies cards 2 and 3. Play continues around the circle with players taking turns to multiply the last 2 cards played.

3. If a wrong answer is given the group shout "All yours!" and the player has to pick up all the cards in the centre pile.

4.The winner is the first person to get rid of all their cards.

Welcome. We received our Ofsted inspection in May 2019 and were delighted to be given a 'Good' rating. Please contact the school office on 01628 627743 if you would like to visit our school.