Year 5/6 Dickens, Morpurgo and Shakespeare

Year 6 Manor Adventure residential trip information slides

Home Learning 15th/16th March - please select activities from the grid.

Optional tasks to complete 15th/16th March


Lesson /Key Question


Suggested equipment

Pre – lesson quiz


With the invention of the steam train holidays became a 'thing' during the Victorian period. Investigate how Victorians spent their holidays - where did they go? What did they do? Task - Send a postcard or a letter from your Victorian holiday telling us what you have enjoyed doing........ (GREAT INFO) 

Piece of paper, pencil and ruler



INVENTIONS - The Victorian era was an amazing period for inventions - science and technology were changing at an incredible speed. 

TASK: Think about something in your life that could be improved by a new invention. (Maybe you want a machine that can do all your homework? Chores around the house?) Design a new machine/invention to improve the lives of someone today.


A piece of paper, a pencil, colouring pencils and a ruler 



TTR BATTLE started Tuesday14th March runs until Wednesday 22nd March

NRich Investigations

Year 5 - Domino squares

Year 6 - Sets of Numbers

Year 5/6 Challenge - Decimal Time

Complete MyMaths and Problem Solving and Reasoning papers homework ready to be handed in on Friday 17th March to be marked in class.


PE days

Dickens - Tuesday and Friday

Morpurgo - Tuesday and Thursday

Shakespeare - Tuesday and Thursday 

Thank you for all that attended the Meet The Teacher Presentation. If you were unable to attend then please see the presentation below. If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to ask us. 


Many Thanks

UKS2 Team

Year 6 KS2 SATs Parent Information Evening slides

Meet the teacher presentation (from Wednesday 21st September 2022)

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