Help with Keeping Active?

Hi everyone! You can now contact me by emailing


I would love to see what you have been up to at home. You can send in pieces of work, drawings and pictures and videos of you keeping active! 


Sports Competitions

We also have brand new sports competitions, where we will be competing against other schools in the local area! These are all done at home. More information has gone out in the school newsletter.

If you would like to take part in the competition and represent the school, email, letting him know that you want to take part. l will then send you a score card to track your results. Please get the results into me by 12 noon on Friday's. 




The third week of the Virtual School Games is now available. I want to see which class at school can have the most participants. So if you are taking part, make sure you try and invite your friends to take part at their homes. The more children we have taking part the better! I will reveal the class with the most participants each Tuesday! Good luck and enjoy! 


Please send me your scores by Friday at 5pm.


Have fun!  Mr Deverall


Hello everyone, below, you will see the resources you need for Week 2 of the Virtual School Games. This week, it is all about tennis. If you don't have a racket, don't worry, the actvities are very accessible, the videos on the activity card demonstrates each challenge. KS1 children can also take part, they need to complete Level 1 challenges, and KS2 children should do Level 2 challenges.


Throughout the week, have plenty of practices before you record your scores. Please could I have your scores back before Friday at 5pm.  Good luck everyone!

Virtual School Games- Week 1- Pentathlon

Week 2 Challenge

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Click on 'Week 2' below to view the table to write down your scores.

Week 1 Challenge

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Click on 'Week 1' below to view the table to write down your scores.

Hello everyone :)

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We have some amazing resources for you to keep active. This website has lots of fun activities for you and your families to enjoy.


The website address is: 

Password:  holyportco

Colouring Sheets

Hello everyone. 


I have a really fun Spelling and Maths game for you to play, it is called solve, shoot and score. Follow this link to play. Good luck!

Design your own healthy snack poster! Make it as colourful as you can, you might want to explain some of the benefits of a healthy diet plan. Once you have finished and are happy with your poster, email it to your teachers, I look forward to seeing them :)

Enjoy these fun football themed activity sheets.

Create your own Warm Up!

Throwing Challenges


I hope you all enjoy these throwing challenges. Get creative and come up with some of your own challenges too! It would be great to hear about and see some of the skills you have been doing at home. Please share these with your teachers by sending them an email! 

Take care of yourselves, stay busy and stay active 💪🏼

Mr Deverall 

Hand eye coordination

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Bucket Challenge- Bouncing Ball

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Try both under arm and over arm throws!

Bucket challenge- Underarm

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Throwing with a partner

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Try these circuits, choose to do each exercise for either 30 seconds, 45 seconds or a minute. You may want to come up with your own circuits session. Enjoy!

Mr Deverall

Catching Exercises

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Enjoy these catching exercises. Try to do as many as you can, you may want to find creative ways of making these more difficult.

We are working on uploading videos onto the website. Meanwhile, please use these useful links to enjoy :)

Hello everyone, Mr Deverall here. Firstly, I hope everyone is taking care and staying active. I know it can be tricky to stay inside and stay motivated to exercise, so I will be uploading some activities for you to do at home.


Most of these exercises do not require equipment and you only need a little bit of space to do them. Some exercises will require equipment, such as balls and skipping ropes. If you do not have the equipment, do not worry, I will give you some ideas about how you can still take part. 


Each day, videos will be uploaded, the videos will include the following challenges and activities.


  • Warm Up Videos
  • Throwing Challenges
  • Catching Challenges
  • Circuits
  • House Challenges
  • Skipping Challenges
  • Football Challenges

These videos are for you to use however you like: you may wish to challenge family members, or keep a record of your scores and achievements. 


I will also be providing useful links to access as well.


A few reminders from me :)


Try and keep active as best you can

Try and avoid being sat down for a long time

Drink plenty of water throughout the day

Wash your hands after each exercise


Thanks everyone!


Mr Deverall


We are all thinking of you, at this difficult time. Please stay safe, keep in touch with us and we hope to be back together soon.