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Message for Reception parents


Thank you for all the support you have given us this term.  The children have done a super job learning in their small hubs and adapting to new systems and routines.  Many thanks to those of you learning from home.  Have a lovely summer and we look forward to welcoming you back in September.  We have uploaded some summer learning packs for those of you who would like to continue practising skills this summer.  Mrs. Harris would love to see some summer work next term and award house points to those who gave it a go.






Summer Learning 

Week of 20/7/20 Transition Work


Learning from Home Week of 13/7/20

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Learning from Home 6/7/20 Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Learning from Home Week of 29/6

Learning from Home 22/6/20
  Learning from Home 15/6/20
Learning from Home Week of 8/6/20

Learning from Home Week of 1 June


Half Term Project 

Please find below 2 projects to help keep busy over the half term. 

The Kindness to yourself challenge is helpful in boosting your child's self esteem. 

The Mini Beast project helps complete all the activities over the last term. 


Week Beginning 18th May 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,


Thank you all again for your hard work last week and for sending in the highlights to us. 

Mrs Abbott is still on the lookout for more work and will be checking on Monday so we have our presentation ready for you all. If you are happy to have your photo or work entered into the celebration, please just add that in your message to us. 

This week's theme follows our topic of mini beasts - with the story of 'Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson. If you don't have this, again we have a clip.

If you would like to make some playdough we have given you a recipe - to make some wriggly worms for a maths/fine motor activity or just for fun this week (Please store in an airtight container afterwards so it keeps for the week) 


Please as last week, start by looking at the WEEKLY HOME LEARNING GRID which covers all the areas of learning. The White Rose Maths, the Speed Sounds RWI, Writing and Story Challenges. This week we haven’t added the physical challenges as it would be good if your child took part in the Virtual School Games, had a try at Mr Deverall’s activities on the website or did some Joe Wicks. We are sure that’s enough on top of any daily exercises you do as a family!!


Last week of any Living and Growing Creative ideas!


Also, thank you for sending in your surveys back – if you haven’t please do. We are not expecting you to commit to a decision about the possible return – it is to gauge the feelings of our families and likely demand to help us plan. Thank you for your ongoing support and patience, while we try our best to plan ahead.


With very best wishes for the week ahead, 


Mrs Featherstone, Mrs Abbott, Mrs Herridge

Week Commencing 11th May 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,


It was great to see your enjoyment of the activities last week. We hop you are enjoying or did enjoy the VE day Bank Holiday. Did you spot bunting and people having tea on their front lawns?  Mrs Featherstone saw the Red Arrows fly overhead at her home!

Last week, we had our first line achieved on the HOME LEARNING BINGO! You will see who achieved this in our Home Learning Celebration presentation at the end of the week. Mrs Abbott is on the look out for more like this and for some excellent work and fun from home to appear in the class emails. If you are happy to have your photo or work entered into the celebration, please just add that in your message to us. 

This week's theme follows our topic of mini beasts - with the story of 'The Very Busy Spider' by Eric Carle. If you don't have this, again we have an animation which brings the story to life.

Please as last week, start by looking at the WEEKLY HOME LEARNING GRID which covers all the areas of learning. The White Rose Maths, the Speed Sounds RWI, Writing and Story Challenges and Physical Challenges and much more to help you choose what you are able to do in the week. This week I found the TATE GALLERY online have a painting program...see if you can spot Mrs Featherstone's spider creeping around! 


As before, keep trying some of the 'LIVING and GROWING' creative and science activities and let us know how you are doing with those potatoes and carrot tops! 

With very best wishes for the week ahead, 


Mrs Featherstone, Mrs Abbott, Mrs Herridge



Week Commencing 4th May 2020


Dear Parents/Carers, 

We hope you enjoyed the activities last week on the pirate theme. This week's book is very familiar and you may have a copy at home. It's the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'! If you don't have the book, no worries, there is a video to watch. 

This week, there is an overview grid of the week for each area of learning.  

Please look at the White Rose Maths and the Writing and Story Challenges linked to the story. 

We have put more ideas and activities related to it, to keep hands and mind busy! 


Also thinking of Nursery as well as Reception, Mrs Abbott has set a new Home Learning Bingo. These activities are ones you may be already doing at home which  is great! It recognises the helpful things your child can do at home, which will help with their development in so many ways. Please do take part in this! 


Don't forget those creative and science activities in our Living and Growing Topic.


We would really like to have more Tapestry and emailed examples of the work your child is doing! 

Please keep in touch with us. We are missing you all and like to hear your news. Of course hope we will see you as soon as is possible. Until then - Keep safe and well !


Very best wishes, 

Mrs Featherstone, Mrs Abbott and Mrs Herridge 

Week Commencing Monday 27th April 2020


This week we are starting a new topic called 'LIVING AND GROWING'. 

The topic web is below so you can see what we will try to cover in the next 3 - 4 weeks. 

Also there is a new presentation that covers ideas for the whole topic. Choose some activities from this each week as you like and some will be longer projects, as they involve growing and observing the changes! 

Don't forget to post these on Tapestry or email them to our class email:


Also this week, we listen to 'The Night Pirates' and 'Troll' Stories. These are the basis for the daily Maths activities.  To listen to the stories please use the links below. 


For daily phonics, please use the Read, Write Inc Speed Sounds videos with your child. 


So, to help you with this week's Piratey theme there are also activities and colouring to help you keep the little 'hearties' occupied! 

Also, a new Physical menu has been added just in case you are finding Joe Wicks and Mr Deverall's activities are not quite enough!! Have a go! 


As Miss Sharp has her hands full with her newborn - Mrs Abbott, Mrs Herridge and Mrs Featherstone are looking after the online work and class emails. Please don't hesitate in asking for any help and we will do our best to support you and your child at this time. 


Hello Everyone. 

I hope you all had a lovely Easter.

I have some Easter news to share. I had my baby boy on Good Friday! Both baby and I are doing well and I look forward to being able to show him off once the lock down has passed. Here is baby Oscar 


Week Commencing Monday 20th April

This week we look at the story of Supertato! A well love children's book by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. If you don't have a copy you can view it online here


To view Supertato being read please use the following link (thanks to a parent for pointing this out):


Below are a selection of activities to support the text. 

  • Supertato home learning challenges for both Reception and Nursery 
  • Magnetic Superhero Science Experiment
  • Flying Superhero Science Experiment
  • Carrot Club e-story
  • Carrot Club Talk Cards to use as discussion prompts during and after the story. 
  • Carrot Club colour by numbers
  • Carrot Club 'What vegetable am I?' powerpoint 
  • Supertato Maths Activities by day. 
  • Additional Challenge *Can you write your own superhero story?* It could be about a vegetable or fruit, a real life superhero or a fictional character. 


Remember to upload photos of your work onto Tapestry and keep in touch by email as I love to hear from you.


Stay safe everyone. 

Miss Sharp 

Easter Project for EYFS (03/04/2020)

Hello all,

I really hope that you all have a lovely Easter. I hope you all stay safe, healthy and use the opportunity to make many happy memories at home with your loved ones. 


Over the Easter break I am setting a junk modelling challenge! Everyone should be able to lay their hands on some recyclable resources; cereal boxes, paper, cardboard, bottles etc.. The challenge is to create an Easter or Spring time article from a box. I have included some ideas in the photos below to give some inspiration as to what can be made with a little imagination. Once done, take a photo and email it to where I can collate the images and share them with you on our class page (please state that you are happy for the image to be shared in this purpose). I look forward to seeing what you are able to rustle up!    


Here are some additional Easter resources to support some learning over this period;


Miss Sharp

What have you been up to this week?

Friday 3rd April 2020 - 5 minute filler


Thursday 2nd April - 5 minute filler


Wednesday 1st April - 5 minute filler


Spring Scavenger Hunt

PLAYMOBIL Explain the Coronavirus to Children

This is a confusing time for children, PLAYMOBIL have created this amazing video to help answer any questions they might have!

Tuesday 31st March -  5 Minute Filler 


Monday 30th March '5 Minute Filler'


Week beginning Monday 30th March 2020

This weeks learning is all about the season of spring and starting to think about the Christian Festival of Easter. 


Please find a youtube links:

'Rabbit Springtime Adventure' - rabbit wakes up from his burrow and goes out to explore signs of spring.

A short clip of Peter Rabbit where Jemima lays an egg as a sign of spring.

'We're Going on an Egg Hunt' story supports the Maths Mastery activities. 



I have attached a selection of activities to support the learning;

  • In The Spring I See writing frame - Just like when Rabbit woke up and explore Spring, can you explore signs of Spring in your home/garden. What can you see? What do you already know about spring? Have a discussion about the season and support your child to write a couple of sentences about what they have found out. 
  •  Maths Mastery activities on the story 'We're going on an Egg Hunt' 
  • 2D Shape chick - can you make a chick using 2D shapes. You could use the template or create your own. Can you name the 2D shapes used? 
  • Paper daffodils - can you create some paper daffodils? You could follow the instructions and use the templates or create your very own using what ever you can find around the home. 
  • EYFS Maths activity booklet - contains a variety of maths games, sheets and puzzles to keep their brains working!  
  • Easter dot-to-dot activities to recognise and order numerals 
  • Easter baskets to practice cutting skills and fine motor colouring. Fix the tabs to create a little Easter basket to keep your Easter bits safe.  


I will continue to post daily '5 minute filler' phonics and math's tasks by Tapestry and on the Website. 

Remember to upload any work onto Tapestry so it saves in your child's own Learning Journal. You can email me about any questions, queries or just to say hi! 

It was lovely to see some photos of the children, if you would like to send another photo this week remember to state that you are happy for the image to be shared on our website. 

Have a good week and keep safe! 

Miss Sharp

Friday 27th March 2020 - 5 Minute Filler


A few other activities to entertain: 

  • Chester Zoo are running a free Virtual Zoo Day on their facebook page from 10am - 4.30pm today (Friday 27th)
  • Edinburgh Zoo have live webcams to their Panda, Tiger, Penguin and Koala enclosures. If your lucky you might see them being fed! 
  • Google 3D Animals is great fun to explore - Check it out! 



Thursday 26th March 2020 - 5 minute filler!


Wednesday 25th March - 5 minute filler:



Hello All,

I thought it would be nice to try and keep the children connected through this difficult time.
Take a photo of your child doing something they enjoy and share it with me on tapestry or email it to and I will put them on our website so that the children can see each other and can talk about their friends that they are no doubt missing. (Please state that you consent to me sharing the image on our website)

Let's try and stay connected!

Miss Sharp


What have you been up to this week?

Week beginning Monday 23rd March 2020

This weeks learning has come from the children. At the start of this topic the children said they would like to know about vets, whilst they are not part of the emergency services they are still important people who help us. 


Please find a youtube link to the story 'Paula the Vet' by Julia Donaldson


I have attached a selection of activities to support the learning;

  • Paula the vet worksheet to complete after reading the story. 
  • Vets writing page - can you write about your own experience of a vet, how to care for an animal or about a pet you have.
  • The Zoo Vet Story Powerpoint to share and read
  • The Zoo Vet Story 'What am I' animals powerpoint - work through the powerpoint talking about the clues and what animals it could be. 
  • I spy and count to 20 - can you spot and count the different animals and record them on the checklist sheet. 
  • The Zoo Vet What Happened Next - can you write some sentences about the animals at the vets? Maybe you could write your own vet story or some simple sentences about the animals you can see. 
  • The Zoo Vet days of the week sequencing - can you cut and stick the days of the week into the correct order. 
  • The Zoo Vet Reading Comprehension - a more challenging read for more able readers, or can be shared and read with parental support. There are some questions on the pages that follow to ensure children are extracting meaning from the text that they read or listen to. 
  • Maths estimation activity - uses some simple equipment; a bottle, bowl or box and some items to fill, estimate and the accurately count. The activity gives questions and ideas to extend the activity further to enable a deeper level of thinking mathematically. 

This weeks weather is set to be dry and sunny, so if you can get out in the garden for some fresh air but remember to keep safe. 

Miss Sharp 



Join Joe Wicks daily for a live PE lesson

As this weeks theme is vets and animals I thought this would be a nice activity to do outside while enjoying some fresh air and sun!


Good Morning All!


A few further suggestions have been emailed my way by you lovely parents. 


A free online phonics class -


Some fun activities for the little ones to keep them active and support development (fine/gross motor, cross lateral, etc). -


Thank you!


A nursery parent has just emailed me about a church playgroup that they used to attend is going to attempt a Facebook livestream on Tuesday mornings at 11am. They will do their usual music and storytelling featuring puppets, nursery rhymes, bible story, Christian songs and ’Mr Bible’. The group is called Little Starz based at Warfield Church.

It may be of interest to other children and families. 


Please do share any great ideas, activities and online resources that you find. You can contact me on tapestry or by our class email and I will post them on this page.


If your child is on the SEN Register and you would like some help regarding SEN support or your child learning at home, please email Mrs Gresswell or Mrs Featherstone at


Take care and look after yourselves, 


Miss Sharp 

20/03/20 I would like to recommend the Oxford Owl website for accessing reading scheme ebooks. They are computer and tablet friendly and feature Biff, Chip and Kipper as well as the popular Project X scheme. There are some great articles for parents too, especially if you are a little unsure about the teaching of phonics. 

20/03/20 Another great resource for phonics and reading is Phonics Play and they are offering their website game for free during this period. Please see the user name and password below to access the website. and for free phonetically decodable comics for children to read. 

ABC to Read's Useful Tips for Reading with your Child

What we are learning about this week and for those at home in self-isolation.


Week beginning 16th March 2020

We are learning about the fire service


See below our class read 'Charlie the Firefighter' 

I have also attached a selection of activities to support this text;

  • Talk discussion cards to encourage language and understanding of the text. It may raise questions that make great research points to explore further.  
  • Fire engine colouring in - Can you find an image of a real fire engine and use the correct colours for each part of the engine and its equipment. Can you label some parts of the fire engine or its equipment? 
  • Addition to 10 - count the images and add to two groups together. To extend this can the child record the number sentence to support the images. For example 4+3=7. Practicing number formations and recording of maths is our current objective. 
  • Please see the 'Fire Safety' powerpoint - use this to discuss fire safety and set some rules about who and when fire should be used responsibly (cooking, bbq, candles, fire works, sparklers etc..) and what children can do to stay safe. 
  • Create a fire safety poster. Write a sentence or two about how to stay safe. 
  • For fun, why not make some fruit and veg fire wands to enjoy. 

Teach your Monster to Read


This is a free to use computer game and until Monday 23rd March they are providing the app version for free too (usually £4.99)


Welcome to the Holyport Foundation Stage Unit


Meet the team;

Miss Sharp - Early Years Leader and Class Teacher

Mrs Abbott - Nursery Nurse

Mrs Herridge - Teaching Support Assistant

Mr Deveral - Sports Coach

Look at some of the things we did in our first term of school


Tapestry is our online learning journal. Each child child in the early years has an active learning journal that you can view online and contribute to.


Activation emails were sent to the email addresses parents provided. If you haven't received an email please check with us that the email address we hold is correct. Activation links are only valid for a few weeks so please ensure you respond promptly. The email will will ask you to set up a user account and password. Please follow the link and instructions within the email.  


Any queries please find a member of staff.


Miss Sharp

Tapestry Instructions

Welcome to Holyport CE Primary School. Starting school in September 2022? School tours now available. Please call the school office to book your space 01628 627743.