Year 3/4 – Stevenson and Swindells

Welcome to Lower Key Stage 2


Swindells Class - Mrs Barnes & Mrs Madden

Stevenson Class - Mr Ali


Supporting Adults:

Mrs Bingham, Mrs Brown,

Mrs Thomas & Mr Cook


 Here are some useful points to note:

  • Seesaw will be the main method of communication - class notices, reminders, homework etc. 
  • Please ensure your child brings in their reading record each day and ensure that it is signed. These will go out in due course.
  • Practise use TT Rockstars to practise times tables.
  • Please ensure your child has a named water bottle and a rain coat. Pencil cases are not needed - we will provide everything your child needs.
  • PE kits are to be worn all day on PE days. 
  • Spare trainers may be left in lockers for break and lunchtimes.


The home learning grid for the topic is posted below. We look forward to issuing lots of house points for any optional home learning that is completed. 


Thank you! 

The Year 3 and Year 4 Team 


The PE days for Swindells are Monday and Wednesday.

The PE days for Stevenson are Monday and Friday.


PE Kit

  • Black tracksuit bottoms/shorts
  • T-shirt in their house colour
  • Black trainers or plimsolls
  • Dark jumper or hoodie with no logos/school jumper/school cardigan

Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check parents information evening slides

15th/16th March Home Learning Grid - select any tasks you wish to complete and bring into school for house points

Year 3    - Remote Learning Suggestions March 2.3.23

Lesson /Key Question

Link to video lessons/clips

Suggested equipment



LO: To build a poem from a structure.

Begin with:

In the ocean of dreams I saw…..

Using numbers one to ten build the poem following the examples/advice in the picture below:

For example, you could start with:

 Ten Tricky Tuna fish… Twirling round in circles

Nine ….

Eight… Seven… etc to One ….








See the attached arithmetic paper. It opens as a PDF to be printed.





This is a recap on what the children have been learning in school. The first is a simple recap (aimed more at Year 3) and has guided writing activity at the end. The Oak Academy aim this at KS1, so we advise the clips form the basis of their project.

Watch some or all of the lessons to help you understand the effects of pollution in our oceans.

Year 3’s please use the video lessons and Year 4 use these but for extra challenge – please create an A4 poster explaining the effects of pollution and how we can make changes in our everyday lives to reduce pollution entering our oceans/seas.

(1) Why are our oceans important?

In this Oak Academy lesson, we will be learning about the importance of our oceans. They are a huge part of our planet and we need to look after them. We will be gaining more understanding of the size of the oceans and how important they are to life on Earth.

Recap on where the oceans are and why they are important?

Activity: To make an information booklet. There is a matching and drawing activity in the clip.  




(2) Campaigning to protect the oceans – both Year 3 and 4

In this lesson we are going to be learning about how the plastic gets into the oceans and what we can do to help others reduce their plastic waste.



(3) Why are the oceans under threat?

In this lesson we will be learning all about different human activities which are threatening our oceans. We will start by identifying what human activity is and what types of things we are doing which are causing damage to our oceans. We will finish the lesson by looking at what damage we can already see in our oceans.








































A4 plain Paper (for drawing) and pencil and coloured pencils











A4 plain Paper (for drawing) and pencil and coloured pencils







A4 plain Paper (for drawing) and pencil and coloured pencils
















































In the Ocean of Dreams I saw...

Oak Academy Lessons


Lesson /Key Question

URL - Link on Oak Academy

Suggested equipment

Pre – lesson quiz


What did the Romans believe?

In this lesson we will learn about the religious beliefs of the Romans. We will begin by looking at the similarities and differences between the Romans and the Celts. We will then find out what the Imperial Cult was and finally look at the fascinating story of how Christianity spread across Roman England.



Piece of paper, pencil



How did the Romans conquer Britain?

In this lesson we will learn about how the Romans conquered Britain. We will begin by looking at why Emperor Claudius chose to invade Britain and the key differences between the Roman and Celtic armies. Finally we will look at how the Romans built towns and cities across Britain.



A piece of paper, a pencil or pen



YES  - it is a bit tricky at first, so please do not worry!


What was Britain like before the Romans?

In this lesson we will learn about what life was like before the Romans arrived in Britain. We will also learn about how historians have been able to learn about this period of history.


A piece of paper, a pencil or pen



Maths - NRich Investigations

Year 3 - School Fair necklaces

Year 4 - Roll these Dice



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