Year 5/6 Dickens, Morpurgo and Shakespeare

Welcome to Upper Key Stage 2!


Shakespeare - Miss Foster (Monday - Tuesday) and Mr Butler (Wednesday - Friday)

Dickens - Mrs Gresswell (Monday -Tuesday) Mrs Bicker (Wednesday - Friday)

Morpurgo - Mr Berry


Supporting Adults: Mrs Real-Lage, Mr Cook, Mrs Benham and Mr Hill


Welcome back after a well deserved Christmas Break! 

We are looking forward to diving back into school with a little more normality, although changes are still happening so be prepared to adapt. Keep an eye on this page as we post lots of information to keep you all up to date with what is going on in year 5 and 6.


We will also be posting the weekly homework here as well as on Seesaw, so that you can always find out what has been set.


Class Newsletters will be coming out next week to give you more information on the topics and subject knowledge we will be covering this first term.



The PE days for the classes are as follows:

Dickens - Tuesday and Friday (Pupils need PE kit on Wednesday 19th as an extra please - this is a one off)

Shakespeare - Tuesday and Thursday

Morpurgo - Tuesday and Thursday


PE Kit

  • Black tracksuit bottoms/shorts/skort
  • T-shirt in their house colour
  • Black trainers or plimsolls
  • Dark jumper or hoodie with no logos/school jumper/school cardigan

Homework - Week 2 - Friday 14th January (due Wednesday 19th January)


English - this week we would like you to complete the sentence uplevelling worksheet, focusing on improving your sentences and adding detail. This is great practice for developing your sentences and ways to improve them when editing your work in class. The PDF can be found below to download.



If you need any support, use this website to help:


Complete either the one star, two star or three star activity. For a challenge, see if you can create two more sentences of your own, using the format for uplevelling sentences.


Maths - Mathletics tasks have been uploaded and assigned to you, based on the learning that you have been doing in class.


Homework - Week 1 - Friday 7th January (due Wednesday 12th January)


You've all had a great first week back and worked really hard. You've all shown a great interest in our new topic, Stargazers and have completed some excellent work already.


English homework is a comprehension about Galileo Galilei, who we have looked at in our topic learning. You'll find the document below. Remember, Year 5's try the one or two star challenge and Year 6's try the two or three star challenge.


Mathletics activities have been assigned, for you to complete, that are based on our learning around decimals.


Don't forget to still keep completing TTRockstars, trying to improve your recall and improve the times on your heat map.


You also need to make sure that you are reading, at least 4 times in a week, and really focus on using your reading record to it's full benefit. Make comments each time you read, write down tricky or new vocabulary in the spaces provided and let's all try and get a reading challenge certificate this term!


Have a good weekend!

Homework 10th December due Wednesday 15th December


English - Comprehension - Nelson Mandela (attached below)


There are 3 levels of text and questions. Year 5's please select from one or two stars sheets. Year 6's please select from two or three stars. Anyone can complete the three star text so if you want a challenge - that's great! Go for it!


Maths - Mathletics tasks have been uploaded, covering work from this week as well as some activities from previous weeks learning.


Good luck and have a great weekend!


Homework 3rd December due Wednesday 8th December


Another fantastic working week for the classes of Year 5/6, keep up the hard work right up until the end of term!


This week you have Mathletics homework, which has been assigned to you based around the learning that we have been doing in class. As well as that, you have an English homework based on possessive apostrophes, think carefully about the work we've done in class to support you with your grammar choices. (Activity uploaded below)

Please remember that it is important to keep up-to-date with your homework, as it is beneficial to recap and support the learning that we are currently doing in classes.


Make sure we keep reading (at least 4 times a week) and keep practicing those times tables on TTRockstars! Well done to all those who gained awards for their participation in the battles this week!


Have a good weekend, 


Year 5/6 Team


Homework 26th November


Happy Friday everyone!


Well done for remaining positive throughout a very busy week with assessments. Maths homework this week has been set for you on Mathletics. Also, there is a TTR battle going on until Sunday evening at 7.30pm PLEASE spend some time on TTR to help boost your class score. 


Mrs Bicker will be looking to see who has improved their response times to see if we have any new Rock Stars, Rock Legends and Rock Heros in the coming weeks - so get practicing.


We are setting some Topic homework this week instead of English - there is a fantastic game on BBC Bitesize use the link to find it: 


The game is called Horrible Histories - Raid and Trade. You will need to complete tasks in order to lead your Viking settlement to victory by raiding and trading from AD750 - 1066.


Have fun and let us know some of the new facts that you have learned.


Have a good weekend and we will see you all bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday!


The year 5/6 team


Homework 19th November


Please see the attached homework (link to in the section below) for this week, which focuses on writing a story board that shows an example of bullying and how it was resolved.


You might also want to find out some more information about anti-bullying at this website to help you: 


You also have Mathletics tasks assigned to you, based on the learning that we have been doing this week. Please remember to also keep practicing those times tables, on TTRockstars!


Please remember to upload your work onto SeeSaw, or bring in your homework before the due date.


Due Wednesday 24th November


Traders and Raider Home Learning Grid - Term 2

Homework 12th November

Your homework this week is to use and complete each section of the vocabulary organiser (See SeeSaw for example). Using any new words that you have found, and written in your reading record, create your own vocabulary organiser which will help you understand the words BUT will also help others in your class with developing their understanding too. We will be able to compile them all into one folder, which can be kept at school and added too :) 


Mathletics has also been assigned for you this week, based on the learning.


Due - Wednesday 17th November


Homework 5th November

English Homework - Attached at the bottom of this page is the English homework for this week, a Victorious Vikings comprehension text and the questions.


Please read the text carefully and then answer the questions.


As previously shown, please type your answers up on to a word document or PowerPoint and post that to me via Seesaw or type your answers up and post using the Seesaw notes.


Maths Homework - Assigned Mathletics activities, linked with previous learning, and also keep practicing those times tables on TTRockstars!


Due - Wednesday 10th November

Homework - 22nd October

For homework over half term please, choose a 'Traders and Raiders' or a values activity from the home learning grid. This can be found on the website and under an activity on Seesaw. Please do not do the literacy or Maths isolation work. 


Please remember to also use TTRS and ensure you are reading regularly and filling out your reading records extensively. 


Have a lovely half term.


Homework (Set 15th October due Wednesday 20th October)

As you know from Monday's assembly and your PSHE lesson this week, we are currently celebrating Black History Month. 


Your homework this week is to choose a black person to research and create an information poster on. We discussed on Monday, picking someone who you may not already know about who has done something amazing for the world. 


Please produce your information poster on a word document or PowerPoint and send it to use via Seesaw or draw and write the information on a piece of paper and hand it in to us. 


Please ensure your work is presented to a high standard so we can use them for display. 


You've also been set Mathletics homework, and been assigned activities based on your Maths classes.


Please ask if you have any questions. 


Homework (Set 8th October due Wednesday 13th October)

This week's English homework is a grammar activity and has been set for you on Seesaw, if you need a copy of the sheet, then please find it attached towards the bottom of the page.


For maths homework we have set you tasks to complete on Mathletics. We hope you are enjoying the 'new look' of Mathletics and the changes that the site has made to their approach and design.


Please make sure you log in using the code sent home last Friday and complete the tasks - we use Mathletics to consolidate the work we are doing in school. Teachers can see the percentage score you have achieved for each task - and who has not yet signed onto the site. As part of the new design there are teaching tips to support you if you are finding the task challenging.


We have set out the homework expectations very clearly in the Meet the Teacher PowerPoints which were emailed to you earlier this week and we would really appreciate your support in encouraging your children to complete homework tasks to the best of their ability - it will certainly help them to develop a good routine for the future and consolidate concepts being taught in school this year.


Homework (Set 1st October due Wednesday 6th October

Your English homework for this week is a reading comprehension entitled 'All about Beetles.' You will find the text and questions at the bottom of the page. Scroll down to the end.


Today, you were handed your Mathletics log in. Your maths homework will be set on Mathletics. 


If there are any problems please let us know on Monday. 


Homework (Set 24th September due Wednesday 29th September




Next week, we will be writing an information text on beetles. To support you further with your knowledge of beetles, please conduct research on beetles for homework this week. We advice using the internet or books to conduct this research.


Please display your research, in any way which is helpful for you, on a piece of A4 paper and bring it into school with you before the deadline on Wednesday 29th September. 


MATHS Homework

We are sending home a Times Table Rockstars 'heat map' for your child as part of this week's homework. The colours relate to their response times for each times table. In order to generate these response times, the children need to be playing on the 'Studio' section of the TTR website. 


The children can see their heat maps when they log onto TTR but we wanted to send them home for you to see. The aim is to make progress through the colours, so if your child is red or orange for a times table these are the multiplication facts to focus on. Our aim is that by the end of year 4, pupils will be able to recall all facts in under 6 seconds. This links with the Multiplication Check which all year 4 pupils must complete in the Summer term. In year 5 and 6 we want pupils to be working towards being 'green' across all times tables.

As a school, we know how important it is for children to learn their tables; they are used in a wide range of topics across the whole curriculum. When children know their times tables, they can identify patterns, make links between numbers and their confidence is boosted.


There are many ways to learn and practice these key facts - writing them down in order, out of order, learning them by rote, singing them, playing snap or memory card games. For more information on how to practice please come in and speak to us.


There will be a TTR Battle beginning on Friday 24th until Thursday 30th September - where each class will 'battle' to win the Battle of the Bands. There will also be certificates awarded for the top three 'Most Valuable Players' in each class.


We will be sending a heat map home each short term, so that you can see the progress your child is making with their times tables. Please support your child in learning their tables, focusing on the ones that they are least confident with. Together, we can help the children to succeed!


Homework (Set 17th September due Wednesday 22nd September)

This week's homework is being given to every child from year 1 to year 6. We are developing a reward system to promote positive learning behaviours. We will be focusing on 5 key learning skills to begin with, these are: Positivity, Resilience, Creativeness, Independence and Reflectiveness.


The children have had two assemblies over the last two weeks to introduce the idea behind our new system, which we call the 'Learning Working Heads'. We are launching this to the school as a competition. All children can choose at least one head to design. They can, if they wish, design a head for all five learning behaviours/skills. 

Following the two assembles, they have been given time in class this week to discuss the task and to begin to design their Learning Working Heads. 


This is a competition, the winning design for each Learning Working Head with earn the child who designed it a prize, but more importantly, the winning designs will be transferred onto stickers and then used as part of our updated Behaviour Policy, where children across the school will be rewarded for using/demonstrating these positive learning behaviours with stickers containing the 5 winning designs!


This is a great opportunity for all the children to be part of developing our school in new and interesting ways.


We will publish the winning designs in the newsletter for you all to see.


Good luck everybody - we can't wait to see what you come up with!


MATHS HOMEWORK (due in Wednesday 22nd September)


This week will be the final week of TTR being set as the main maths homework. We have focused on your times tables as they are key facts which need to be learnt and practiced regularly. 

THIS WEEK'S TASK - to continue to play in the Studio section as we want to know your current response time. (You must have played at least 15 sessions by Wednesday 22nd September) Also play the Garage as this is set up specifically for you to practice the times tables you are not as quick at. 

Next week we will be sending each child home with a 'heat map' this will show you and your parents very clearly which times tables you know and which ones you need to learn/practice.

Please make sure you are logging on - we can see who has and has not been on the system and we will begin to start chasing you if you don't complete the homework which has been set.


Have a good weekend - Rock on!


Homework (set Friday 10th September due Wednesday 15th September)

English - This year, we are trying to make more of our book corners in our classrooms to help entice you into reading and to jazz up our classrooms. It would be amazing if you could design or create something to help us do it.  It could be something drawn or written on paper, a picture, a poster or a model of something that could sit on top of our bookshelves. It has to be linked to reading, books or our book corner in some way. Have fun and we will look forward to displaying your posters, collages, reviews or models soon. See Seesaw for examples.


Maths - Login to TTR Stars and complete 10 Studio sessions. This will give us your new response speed and average time. Feel free to complete garage and other sessions, we will be checking that you have logged on to see if your times have been update. ROCK ON!!!!


Homework (set Friday 3rd September due in Wednesday 8th September)

For your first week's homework we want to establish some routines. So the homework for this week is:

  • To read and record your reading in your new reading record. This was sent home on Friday. We will collect the reading records in every Friday to check that the homework (to read 4 times a week and have a parent write/sign the record at least once a week) has been completed.
  • To log onto Times Table Rockstars (TTR) and play some Garage, complete some Studio sessions. We want you to start getting back up to speed! 
  • To use the pupil and family log in codes/QR codes which we sent home on Friday to get logged on and set up on the Seesaw app.

 If you have any questions please get in touch.

Homework Grid - Beast Creator

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