Help with Keeping Active? 2021 - 2022

Virtual School Games- KS1- Be Incredible

Virtual School Games- KS2- Martial Arts

Half Term Event

Paula Radcliffe’s TWO-15 Half Term Challenge!

As a school, we will be taking part in this amazing half term event, inspired by Paula Radcliffe’s World Record Marathon time of 2 hours and 15 minutes. Everyone is invited to take part in this challenge, so we want to see as many of our families taking part as possible! All you have to do for this challenge is to log your activities, aiming to do 2 hours and 15 minutes during the half term week. Then you need to tell me what you have done by emailing

Click on the guidance sheet and presentation below to access more information. 

This is a whole school team effort, with families and staff members coming together to form one HUGE team! Lets do this Holyport!

Mr Deverall

PYA Challenge 2

Keeping Active Time Table 3

Virtual School Games- KS1- Dynamic Dinosaurs

Virtual School Games- KS2-Winter Olympics

Keep Active Time Table 2

PYA Challenge 1

High Jump Sheet

Click on the pdf above to access the Activity Card for Lesson 1. On your other PE day, take part in the Virtual School Games Challenges, which is on the pdf below- Fitness Frenzie. Email me your feedback on the Ball skills lesson, I want to know if there was anything you found too easy, or too hard, or if you had to adapt the lesson in anyway. Don't forget to email me your Virtual School Games scores too, the deadline for this is the 20th January.


The email address is 

Spring 1 Virtual School Games- KS2 Challenge 1- Fitness Frenzie!

Spring 1 Virtual School Games- KS1 Challenge 1- Fitness Frenzie!

We are keeping even more active at school this year, with the introduction of the Virtual School Games Competitions. Children are playing these and practicing the skills in their break and lunchtimes with the support of our PYAs (Primary Young Ambassadors for Sports) in Y5/6 and some keen junior PYAs in Year 3/4. 

With these activities and our active approach to lunch break, we are keeping the active each day. 

Here are some of the awards so far! Well done Team Holyport - keep it up! 


Virtual School Games Awards Autumn Term

Welcome to Holyport Primary School. We currently have Pre-Reception places available for September 2024. Please contact the school office to arrange a viewing of our setting.