Modern Foreign Languages ( MFL) 


What is MFL? 

MFL is the teaching of languages other than English to children in the primary school years


What type of Linguists are we trying to develop at Holyport? (INTENT)

The intent of our MFL curriculum is to deliver lessons that are inclusive and engaging. We encourage children to take on new learning opportunities in a positive way through extensive modelling and opportunities to practise their skills. In a rapidly evolving world where travel and communication lay at the heart of most industries, we feel that language learning opportunities from a young age truly benefit the children; enabling a broader range of opportunities and possibilities for their futures. It is important to note, that whilst our chosen modern foreign language is Spanish, the skills that the children acquire in the language learning process are key to developing a keen interest in further language acquisition. Their exposure to a variety of languages is instrumental in broadening their understanding of the world around them; whilst also enabling them the potential to be ambitious within international settings. The opportunities that await multiple language speakers are numerous, ensuring diverse experiences.

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