Year 5/6 Dickens, Morpurgo and Shakespeare

Next Year

In year 5/6 we do lots of exciting topics. We are going to be starting with ‘A Child’s War’ learning all about World War 2 with a particular focus on children during the war. Over the summer break we would like to set you a challenge to keep you busy. How about doing some research into WW2 or producing a project? Here are some ideas to get you going.

  • Find out what the word evacuation means.
  • Discover who was evacuated and where they were sent to.
  • Draw a picture of a child who is ready to travel to their new home in the country – what would they wear? What could they take with them?
  • You could read one or two of the books from our book list – found on the website (this could count for the library challenge too!)
  • What was the Blitz?
  • What does the word ‘propaganda’ mean? Where was it used? Why was it used?
  • Keep Calm and carry on is a saying that originated from this period of time. Can you find any other sayings that started during the Second World War? Why did they have them? Where did you see them?
  • Make a Spitfire plane model – template found on website.


We are going to have a fantastic year and learn lots of new and interesting things. All of the year 5/6 team are really excited to meet you.

We hope you have a lovely summer holiday and come back to school ready and refreshed for September. Stay safe and see you all soon.

Week 5 WB: 29/06/20

Week 4 WB: 22/06/20

Week 3 WB 15/06/2020

Week 2 WB 08/06/2020



The battle commenced at 16.30 today (15th) and will end at 16.30 on Friday 22nd May!

So jump on and show us what a Rockstar you are!

Who will be the most valuable players in each class?

Who will be the most valuable players in the whole school?

Rock on!

Mrs Bicker

Please find below a 5-day Kindness to Yourself Challenge that you can complete during half-term

Week 7 WB 18/05/2020

Week 6 WB: 11/05/20

Below the work is a new pack of puzzles and games from ABC to Read you might want to have a look at.

ABC to Read fun games and puzzles if you want something extra to do!

Week 5 WB: 04/05/20

Week 4 WB: 27/04/20

99 Club assessment week


This week is an opportunity to achieve your next 99 club! Head over to the 99 club page to find out more details.

Welcome Back


Hello everyone,


We hope you have managed to enjoy your Easter holidays and taken some time to relax, spend time with your family and enjoy a break from the routine. We are missing you all, but have planned a variety of activities which are very close to what you would have been doing in school this term. Our new topic is called Scream Machine and is all about roller coasters! There is lots of interesting learning, practical activities and dare we say to be had. We hope you enjoy the work and as always you can adapt and change it to suit you. 

We have really enjoyed looking at the photographs and watching the videos that you have been sending us on the class pages, as well as seeing all your wonderful work - please keep this up. Mrs Featherstone has also designed some digital house point certificates so as we award house points you can earn your Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum certificates just as you would in school. Keep in contact!

Mrs Bicker, Miss Prothero, Mrs Gresswell and Mrs Paldi

Week 3 WB: 20/4/20


Please note that there are no expectations of timings for the activities, allow your children to spend as much time as they need in order to complete the tasks to the best of their abilities.

We have a fun 14-day photo challenge for you too!  Open the challenge at the bottom of this week's resources to find out what it is.  Good luck and we will look forward to seeing your photos!

Below is the home learning grid for the Scream Machine topic. The activities on the grid are optional but if you would like to complete them then you will be awarded the extra house points. 
Below is a list of recommended books which link with our Scream Machine topic. 

Easter project


Week 2 WB: 30/3/20


99 club

This week is an opportunity for your child/ren to complete a 99 club to enable them to have the chance to move up a club. For more information please visit the 99 club page. 



A new battle commenced at 16.30 on Friday 27th March. All Key Stage 2 classes can battle each other and the staff. The battle will run until Friday 3rd April at 16.30. Let's see who our most valuable players are this time and which class will achieve the most correct answers. Good luck!


If your child is on the SEN Register and is working significantly below the expected level of their age, please see the Helping your child with SEN page for useful resources and an Easter Project and other activities.  Should you need any help regarding SEN support or your child working at home, please email Mrs Gresswell or Mrs Featherstone at

ABC to Read's Useful Tips for Reading with your Child


Week 1 WB: 23/3/20


To access PE activities from home please click on the 'Children' tab and then 'Help with keeping active?'. Mr Deverall has uploaded some videos and activities for you to take part in. If you have any questions for Mr Deverall please email your class teacher and they will be forwarded on. 


Keep active! 

WB: 16/3/20


Below are the timetables for Year 5 and Year 6 pupils who are currently unable to attend school due to self isolation. We have also included some supporting documents below the timetables. 

Welcome to Year 5/6


Meet our Team

Dickens - Mrs Gresswell (Mon & Tues) and Mrs Paldi (Weds-Fri)

Morpurgo - Mrs Bicker

Shakespeare - Miss Prothero


Support Staff - Mrs Muzzio, Mrs Lake, Mrs Benham, Mr Hill and Mrs Thomas


Please remember to bring in your PE kit on Monday and keep it in school for the whole week.  Please ensure you have named all uniform, PE kit and other school equipment.


Important Information



Each child has been given a reading record to take home and bring into school daily with their reading book. We would like children to record the name of the book they are reading, how many pages they have read on a particular date, and a brief comment on how well they read aloud or what they thought of the text/what happened, and to have this signed by an adult daily. We would like children to aim to read for at least 10 minutes, five times a week. There will be whole-school initiatives to encourage children in their reading. We will also be reading our class text daily, giving different members of the class an opportunity to read aloud.


Homework Grid

For each half-termly topic, there is a homework grid for children to select tasks from. This grid will be placed at the bottom of the class page in case a hard copy is lost. These tasks are rated as Bronze, Silver or Gold. House points are awarded for each (Bronze = 1HP, Silver = 2HP, Gold = 3HP) and we encourage the children to complete as many as possible.


Some tasks can be completed in homework books, others need to be presented neatly on plain or lined paper, ready for display in the classroom or in our Year 5/6 corridor. If a task is not fully completed or is not presented to the best of the child's ability, they may be asked to re-do the task. We wish for the children to take pride in the work they do.




English - 

For English homework this week (13.3.2020) the children have been given a comprehension sheet. English homework should take 30 minutes. If it should take longer, please stop after this time. If there are any problems with the homework please talk to your child's teacher. 


Spelling - 


We have now started our weekly spelling dictations which include the Year 5/6 Statutory spelling words. Please continue to learn these words at home. This homework will be more effective if done 'little and often'.


The children have been introduced to the website SpellingFrame - 

This website has a number of games and examples of words which should help your child understand this spelling pattern and help them spell words which follow this rule. Please have a look at the website.




Mathematics homework is set through the Mathletics Website each week (see link below) and will relate to what is being taught in class.  You will need your username and password for this.  If you have lost or cannot remember your login details, please speak to your class teacher. Maths homework should take 30 minutes. If it should take longer, please stop after this time.






Curriculum Evening PowerPoint

Year 6 SATs meeting

Class Charters

It is fantastic to see our Year 2 -5 children's faces again for their Face to Face time sessions. We look forward to continuing to support children at home, in school and at the face to face time sessions. Please keep safe and well during this time.