Mindfulness Mondays

Week of 8/3/21

Practise square breathing this morning to get ready for our first day back.  You may want to use this at points throughout the day to re-focus.


Enjoy the mindful Spring colouring sheet I have put on everyone's desk.  You might find it useful today.

Suggested Prayer:

Dear God

Thank you for bringing us all together again.  Help us to stay focused on our learning and renewing friendships today.  Help us to take time to stop and catch out breaths during this busy day.


Monday 8/2/21

Bulldog Finds His Quiet Place

Follow the link to meditate with Bulldog.

Reflection: Do you have a quiet place?

If you don't how can you create one?

Suggested Prayer;

Dear God

Thank you for giving us the power to create our own quiet spaces.  Help us to take time everyday to slow down and spend time being still.  Help us to value little pockets of peace, calm, quiet, and stillness everyday.


Monday 22/2/21

EYFS KS1 and Lower KS2

Watch the short Charlie Brown clip called The Caring Tree

Task: Make your own caring tree or plant at home by adding a heart every time anyone does something caring for someone else today.  How many caring acts happened at your house this week?


Make a large heart out of paper and make a tally mark every time someone has been caring.  Count up all the caring acts at the end of the week.  Can you recall what caring acts the tallies were for? (Heart template provided)


Upper KS2

Watch the clip Growing Gratitude

Complete the breathing activity before you start your day.  Aim to do it every morning before you begin your learning.  You many be grateful for the same things everyday or you may think of new things to be grateful for.


Challenge: Make this part of your morning routine.


Suggested Prayer

Dear God: Help us to be grateful for all the good things in our world. Help us to be grateful to those who care for us and to care for them in return.  Encourage us to be mindful of your gifts daily.









Practise Belly Breathing this morning before starting a lesson.

If this technique feels helpful to you try to use it throughout the day to re-charge before a task or calm down.

Suggested Prayer

Dear God

Help us to be mindful and present in each moment.  Help us to breathe deeply and think before we act.  Help us to take time out of our day to breathe deeply.


Welcome to Holyport CE Primary School. We look forward to re-opening fully on March 8th. Please see our letters page for more information for pupils at the school.