Mindfulness Mondays

Week of 10.5.21

Make someone happy

Watch Go Noodle Make Someone Happy

EYFS and KS 1 Watch

Reflection: Take some time to think of a way to make someone happy today.  It could be a friend, a family member, a pet, or a teacher.  Think of ways to be kind and helpful.  Remember, sometimes a smile is enough.



KS2: Watch ttps://

Reflection: Take this time to reflect on the times you were happiest.  Who were you with?  What were you doing?Now take a moment to be grateful for that time.  Be thankful for the people you were with.  Be thankful you were able to tale part in the activity you're participating in or event you attending.  Place it firmly in your memory so you can pull it out and think about it when you need to.

Week of 26/4/21

Being A Good Friend

Our value this term is Friendship.


Watch the following clip on Go Noodle to consider friendship.


Take a moment to close your eyes and say a silent thank you to your friends. Think of the times you needed a friend.  Think of the times you needed to be a good friend to someone else.  Remember that friendship is made up of lots of little things, a smile, sitting next to someone who is sitting alone, a shared laugh in the corridor. Those are the little things that brighten our day.


Dear God

Thank you for our friends.  Help us to be good friends to each other.  Help us to be mindful of the people around us who could use a friendly smile, a little laugh, or just someone to be there.  


Week of 19/4/21

Being in the present moment

Task: Watch this short clip twice.  Ask the children to use talk partners to see how many ways they can remember from the clip to be in the present moment.

Discuss: Why is it important to be in the present moment?  What does being in the present moment look like?  What does it feel like?  What kinds of things happen when you are doing too many things at once or thinking about other things when you are supposed to be focused on one task?  Can you think of times you were in the sent moment? Can you think of times when you have not been in the moment?  What were you thinking of?  Being in the present moment can be challenging for all of us.   Sometimes we are distracted by what might happen in the future or what has happened in the past.  We cannot control the future or change the past but we can make the most of the time and place that we are in now.


Suggested Prayer: Dear God

Help us to be present at all times.  Help us to be good listeners and to focus on the moment we are living.  Help us to think clearly and act calmly.  Help to ease any anxiety we may have about the future or regrets we may have about the past.  Help us to go through our day mindfully and gratefully.


Week of 29/3/21

Positive Wishes

Practise this meditation throughout the week to send positive thoughts into the universe.


Suggested Prayer

Dear God

Thank you for our friends and family.  Thank you for the people we see everyday and the people who help us.  Help us to love our neighbours and especially those who challenge us.  Help us to remember that Jesus taught us that everyone is our neighbour.



You may want to review the parable of The Good Samaritan.  BBC Teach has a good clip with both The Good Samaritan and The Lost Sheep in simple cartoon formats. 

Week of 22/3/21

Rainbow Relaxation


This practise might be helpful to use throughout the day in between assessments.  It is a nice stretch and breathing practise.

Suggested Prayer

Dear God

Help us to focus this week during our assessments.  Help us to do our best to show off what we have learned these past few weeks.  Help us to enjoy our breaks and be good friends to everyone.


Week of 15/3/21

Rise and Shine: Practise a mindful technique to help you wake up.

Log into Go Noodle and complete the Nimble Nostrils Practise on Moose Tube

Suggested Prayer

Dear God

Thank you for this new day.  Help us to wake up to all that is good and right today.  Help us to present and awake for all the beauty and goodness around us.


Week of 8/3/21

Practise square breathing this morning to get ready for our first day back.  You may want to use this at points throughout the day to re-focus.


Enjoy the mindful Spring colouring sheet I have put on everyone's desk.  You might find it useful today.

Suggested Prayer:

Dear God

Thank you for bringing us all together again.  Help us to stay focused on our learning and renewing friendships today.  Help us to take time to stop and catch out breaths during this busy day.


Monday 8/2/21

Bulldog Finds His Quiet Place

Follow the link to meditate with Bulldog.

Reflection: Do you have a quiet place?

If you don't how can you create one?

Suggested Prayer;

Dear God

Thank you for giving us the power to create our own quiet spaces.  Help us to take time everyday to slow down and spend time being still.  Help us to value little pockets of peace, calm, quiet, and stillness everyday.


Monday 22/2/21

EYFS KS1 and Lower KS2

Watch the short Charlie Brown clip called The Caring Tree

Task: Make your own caring tree or plant at home by adding a heart every time anyone does something caring for someone else today.  How many caring acts happened at your house this week?


Make a large heart out of paper and make a tally mark every time someone has been caring.  Count up all the caring acts at the end of the week.  Can you recall what caring acts the tallies were for? (Heart template provided)


Upper KS2

Watch the clip Growing Gratitude

Complete the breathing activity before you start your day.  Aim to do it every morning before you begin your learning.  You many be grateful for the same things everyday or you may think of new things to be grateful for.


Challenge: Make this part of your morning routine.


Suggested Prayer

Dear God: Help us to be grateful for all the good things in our world. Help us to be grateful to those who care for us and to care for them in return.  Encourage us to be mindful of your gifts daily.









Practise Belly Breathing this morning before starting a lesson.

If this technique feels helpful to you try to use it throughout the day to re-charge before a task or calm down.

Suggested Prayer

Dear God

Help us to be mindful and present in each moment.  Help us to breathe deeply and think before we act.  Help us to take time out of our day to breathe deeply.


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