Year 1/2 – Ahlberg and Inkpen

Welcome to Year 1/2 


Meet our Team  

Inkpen Class: Miss Benham and Mrs. Allaway

Ahlberg Class: Mrs. Harris, Mr. Cook and Mrs. Brown


Good morning and welcome to Week 2 of learning from home.  Please check the suggested timetable below to help structure your child's learning day.  It was wonderful to hear from so many of you via class emails.  We thoroughly enjoyed finding out what you have been up to and seeing your lovely work. If you haven't been in touch please do as we are very keen to maintain links with our families during this time. It is our intention to upload the next week's learning on Thursday so you can prepare for Monday.  As this situation is unprecedented please be patient with our team as we get used to a new way of working.  Many thanks and Happy Learning.    


If your child is on the SEN Register and is working below the expected standard of their age, please see the SEN section further down for resources.  Should you need any help regarding SEN support or your child working at home, please email Mrs Gresswell or Mrs Featherstone at







Hope everyone is staying well and enjoying this beautiful weather from home! Please don't forget that you can stay in touch with us via our class emails


Please see work for next week below, there is also tasks set on mathletics which are ongoing. You can also use TT Rock Stars to practise times tables. Your child's logins will be in the front of their homework book. Any questions please contact us on the emails above and we will respond as soon as we can.


Take care and stay safe smiley

KS1 Team



We have set up a 'battle' between Inkpen and Ahlberg class. If the children go onto TTRockstars as normal and play, every correct answer they achieve will count towards their class total. The classes can compete against each other for the duration of the 'battle'. The battle commenced at 16.30 on Friday 27th March and finishes on Friday 3rd April at 16.30. We will then announce the winning class and the top 3 'most valuable' players from each class. The teachers are also 'battling' the pupils - this is a real favourite - as last time the pupils won with a resounding score of 203,466 correct answers to 12,993 correct answers! We hope they enjoy the experience. Any questions please use your class email to contact us.

Reading books


If your child is coming to the end of their reading book all of our books are available online as ebooks.


Logon to

Create a free login and password

Then you can access the whole range of Oxford Reading Tree books to keep your child reading.


Happy reading smiley

ABC to Read's Useful Tips for Reading with your Child

Free Phonics Website


Phonics Play is a fantastic website that we use in school offering games and resources. They currently are offering a free login for parents:





Enjoy smiley

TT Rock Stars


TT Rock Stars is an excellent way to practise and improve time table knowledge. You will find your child's login in the front of their homework book, please contact us if you need these details again. 


Once you have logged in select the 'gig' tab, the children will be asked a range of questions including division, if they don't know the answer then ask them to have a guess. The children will then be assigned the ones they need to work on. They can earn coins to customise their avatar and buy accessories.


Every few weeks the children will be invited into a battle where they can challenge other children in KS1!


Have fun smiley

Here is a link to the maths scheme that we use in school. They have video tutorials for parents and activities to go with them. They are recapping the topics that we have already covered in class so a good opportunity to see what they can remember smiley


Year 1

Year 2


To access PE activities from home please click on the 'Children' tab and then 'Help with keeping active?'. Mr Deverall has uploaded some videos and activities for you to take part in. If you have any questions for Mr Deverall please email your class teacher and they will be forwarded on. 


Keep active! 





Curriculum News


Literacy: Core Texts: The Sun and the Wind by Aesop, Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain by Verna Aardema, Lila and the Secret of Rain by David Conway and Jude Daly


Maths: Capacity and Weight


Science: Weather Systems and Measuring rain, wind, and temperature


P.E. Spatial Awareness, Movement and Gymnastics with apparatus


PSHE: Healthy Lifestyles


Music: Pitch,Tempo, and Volume


Topic:  Splendid Skies


Geography and History: Weather Patterns Around the World 


Art and DT:  Pointillism


R.E:  The Easter Story


Computing: Mouse and keyboard skills



Pumas: Adding prefixes and suffixes to words, making plural nouns, reading and writing contractions, and making compound words, parts of speech, identifying questions, statements, and exclamations.

Panthers: Learning split diagraphs, reading and writing words with are, ore, ure, ire, au, ear.

Lions: Learning sounds ay, ow, ie, and ea as well as introducing tricky words.

Tigers: Reviewing all initial sounds and beginning split diagraphs.









We are all thinking of you, at this difficult time. Please stay safe, keep in touch with us and we hope to be back together soon.