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Year 5/6 Dickens, Morpurgo and Shakespeare

Welcome to Year 5/6


Meet our Team

Dickens - Miss Huxtable

Morpurgo - Ms Field

Shakespeare - Miss Prothero

Support Staff - Mrs Barnard, Mrs Mallet, Mrs Lake/Mrs Brown


Important Notices

Children have or will be designing Anderson Shelters. Please start to bring in any materials or recycling bits you would like to use to make them 🙂

Spellings are below.

We hope you all enjoyed our WW2 day! Your costumes were excellent - some of the best we've have had while doing this topic. Photos will soon be added to our class page so keep an eye out. 


Please remember to bring in your PE kit on Monday and keep it in school for the whole week.

Dickens - Tuesday and Friday

Morpurgo - Monday and Tuesday

Shakespeare - Monday and Tuesday


Important Information


Our Class Read

This term, we are reading 'Goodnight Mr Tom'. We have enough copies in class, but do feel free to bring your own copy. If doing so, please write your name on the inside cover so it does not get lost among the class copies.


Reading -


Each child has been given a reading record to take home and bring into school daily with their reading book. We would like children to record the name of the book they are reading, how many pages they have read on a particular date, and a brief comment on how well they read aloud or what they thought of the text/what happened, and to have this signed by an adult daily. We would like children to aim to read for at least 10 minutes, five times a week. There will be whole-school initiatives to encourage children in their reading. We will also be reading our class text daily, giving different members of the class an opportunity to read aloud.


This week 24/09/18


Maths - Year 6 will be continuing work on long multiplication, moving on to short and long division during the rest of the week. Long division is often an area requiring consolidation. If you would like to help your child further, please look at this website for advice -

Year 5 will be completing work on place value and then moving on to the column method for addition and subtraction.


English - We shall start the week in our spelling and reading comprehension groups. A test will take place on Monday and new spellings will be set this week for next Monday. From Wednesday to Friday, children will be looking at how to use direct speech in their writing (writing a dialogue between Tom and Willie), correctly punctuating sentences with inverted commas. They will also be analysing the way our characters speak and how this is shown by the author, recognising the differences between informal and formal speech.


Homework - 14/09/18

Children are encouraged to write down their homework each week but are always reminded that we will make homework available (if possible) on our website.

Our expectation is that at least 30 minutes is spent on each piece of homework. If we do not feel that the work is up to the standard we would expect from them, we may ask for the homework to be repeated or for the child to spend a bit longer on it. This is to ensure that children are getting ready for the responsibilities and organisation needed for when they move onto secondary school.


Maths - Each group's teacher will have set them a homework on a worksheet. We cannot upload these onto the site so please see your teacher ASAP if you lose the work you have been given. Please ensure it is written into homework books or stuck in neatly with a date and title. Please pass these on to your Maths teachers rather than your class teachers.

English - The children have been set some work on prepositions. This is on a worksheet so can either be stuck in or written into homework books. A PPT for support will be posted below.

Spelling - 

Miss Huxtable's group - A random selection of the Y3/4 spellings will be selected for a test next week so simply revise any you're unsure of our not confident with. The Y5/6 list is up in case you would like to look at the next set of spellings we will be covering.


Miss Prothero's group - 'Ough' words, see below. 


Ms Field's group - 'Ought' words, see below.


Homework Grid

For each half-termly topic, there is a homework grid for children to select tasks from. This grid will be placed at the bottom of the class page in case a hard copy is lost. These tasks are rated as Bronze, Silver or Gold. Housepoints are awarded for each (Bronze = 1HP, Silver = 2HP, Gold = 3HP). We encourage the children to complete as many as possible. Some tasks can be completed in homework books, others need to be presented neatly on plain or lined paper, ready for display in the classroom or in our Y5/6 corridor. If a task is not fully completed or is not presented to the best of the child's ability, they may be asked to re-do the task. We wish for the children to take pride in the work they do.



Ms Field's Spellings

Miss Huxtable's Spellings (Y3/4)

Miss Prothero's Spellings