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Sports Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

PE Funding 2016/2017


Additional Sports funding for schools – what is it?


The Government has made available to all schools a sum of money to allow them to continue to develop sports provision within school and to help schools increase pupil participation in sporting activity. This money equates to £8000 per school, per year plus an additional £5 per child. For our school this means that for the academic year 2016/17 we will receive approximately £9615.


How will the money be spent at Holyport Primary?


At Holyport Primary we will use this money to support the engagement of qualified sports coaches 5 days a week. Each day, our PE coaches deliver morning break and lunchtime sport activities for the children to engage in.  We have seen a remarkable improvement in behaviour and respect across our school. Also we are able to offer a variety of after school clubs each day to the children. During the school day the sports coaches work alongside our teachers to further supplement and improve PE lessons. This means that the quality of provision has improved during lessons, as the ratio of staff to pupils is greater and pupils receive a greater individual focus during this time.  It has also enabled CPD in PE lessons for our teachers.

Our sports coaches will continue to offer school holiday clubs to the children.  This gives children the opportunity to attend a holiday club at a venue known to them, run by adults they are familiar with.

The funding continues to help us purchase much needed equipment including hockey, gym and playtime activities.  Our purchases also includes specialist equipment to assist our children with learning disabilities.


What has been the impact of the funding in previous years?


Pupils have enjoyed the additional opportunities to take part in extracurricular activities and holiday clubs.  The table below shows the overall percentage of pupils who participated in (sporting) extra-curricular clubs last academic year.


Clubs offered Autumn 2015 Spring 2016 Summer 2016
  Number of participants % of pupils Number of participants % of pupils Number of participants % of pupils
Multiskills 35 28% 44 31% 44 31%
Dodgeball 51 46% 59 48% 59 48%
Netball 22 31% 20 30% 20 30%
Football 50 34% 50 34% 50 34%


Staff have reported that observing the skills of the sports coaches has enabled them to teach PE more effectively, enhancing their skills and as such pupils have benefited from more focussed lessons.  Children will benefit from the new resources including special equipment for children with disabilities. The sports coaches are able to work with small groups of children including More Able and vulnerable children.  The new equipment will give the children greater flexibility in their learning skills. The children will have the opportunity to participate in local and county competitions which has previously led to success in the children qualifying for the Berkshire County Finals in athletics. Children benefit from a more structured break time and lunchtime. This encourages children to engage effectively with each other and has a positive effect on behaviour.