Holyport School Association (PTA)

HSA (Holyport School Association)


Holyport School Association, the HSA, is our school’s PTA – we are a group of parents, carers and teachers who arrange and run a mixture of events for the the school community that will benefit of both the children and the school.


We have funded over the years

  • IT Equipment

  • Christmas Pantomime Performance

  • Playground Equipment


We run fun and entertaining activities for the children, as well as for the adults!

  • Children’s Movie Nights

  • Children’s School Discos

  • Family Bingo Nights

  • Quiz Nights

  • Summer and Christmas Fairs


Not all of our activities are run as fundraisers though. We supply all children with ice lollies on Sports Day and Christmas crackers and drinks during the Christmas Lunch which are particularly enjoyed by the children.


Would you like to become a


“Holyport Helper” – For those who would be willing to give a few hours of their time over the year, manning a cake stall or taking a shift at the Christmas fair for an hour. We call on this pool of people when we are looking for helpers for specific events.




“Committee Member” – For those parents who want to be more involved with the HSA and help shape the it’s future. This team will make the majority of the decisions, do the event planning, and will also be expected to attend most committee meetings. The meetings will be held half termly at the school and will be scheduled to run from 7:30pm until 9pm.


If you would like to be involved, then drop us an email at

or track one of the committee down in the playground.

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