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Year 3/4 – Dahl, Stevenson and Swindells

Welcome to the LKS2 Page

Meet our team

Dahl Class - Mrs Gresswell and Mrs White

Stevenson Class - Mrs Barnes

Swindells Class - Mrs Cobb

Assisting Adults: Mrs Benham, Mrs Brown and Mrs Real-Lage


Key Information:

PE - Tuesdays Y3 swimming and Y4 Gymnastics, Thursdays both year groups


Please make sure kit comes in on a Monday and stays in school until Friday.

Homework - Homework will be handed out on a

Friday and is expected back in on the following Wednesday.

Year 3 Children will receive Maths or Literacy each week.

Year 4 Children will receive Maths and Literacy each week.

Spellings - Spellings will be handed out with homework on a Friday and

children will be tested on these the following Friday.

Things to remember:

- return data collection forms

- return OA4 forms

- Y3 swimming on Tuesday

(don't forget your swimming 

kit and packed lunch!)


English homework

All pupils have been given an activity to help them remember the different word classes. This is something we have been working on in class. The children have to identify some of the following:

Adjectives (describing words), nouns (the name of an object, emotion, person or place), verbs (action words), adverbs (describes how, when, where, how much or how often an action happens), determiners (e.g. a/an, the), prepositions (e.g. over, under, beside), pronouns (e.g. he, they, I). 

Maths homework

Year 3 - There is no homework set so please focus on multiplication tables.

Year 4 - children have been set three tasks on mathletics linked to our work on multiplication and place value. 

Handwriting - To practice handwriting neatly by writing
words from large to small, see the attachment below as an example

Please remember -

Homework is set on a Friday

and due in on the next Wednesday




Our weekly update from Friday:

What have we been up to?

Another busy week in LKS2! In topic, we have been continuing to find out about the different states in America and have been finding out about some of the human and physical feature of the USA. Improvisation was the theme of music as we all had a go at improvising an 8 beat rhythm - not as easy as it sounds! The children are enjoying their Tag Rugby sessions in PE and are becoming more confident in their understanding of the rules (remembering to pass backwards not forwards!). In Science, we have been learning more about how switches work. Everyone is thoroughly enjoying our focus text 'A Twist of Gold' and we are eagerly looking forward to finding out about the next stage of their journey.

As part of Anti-Bullying week, we have been thinking about respect. We have thought about how we can show respect for ourselves, others, the environment and property and designed posters to show this. We have also talked about the phrase 'All different, all equal' and designed an odd socks to represent ourselves and celebrate what makes us unique. 


We are all enjoying our focus text 'A Twist of Gold' by Michael Morpurgo. Our writing will be focusing on Non-chronological reports. We will be looking at the role of time adverbials and conjunctions in our writing.


Year 3 will be working on multiplication and division with a focus on the 3 and 4 times tables. They will be developing their fluency in recalling these multiplication facts and applying this knowledge in problem solving activities.

Year 4 will begin the week by recapping dividing by 10 and 100 before focusing in on the 6 times tables. They will be developing their fluency in recalling these multiplication facts and applying this knowledge in problem solving activities

Remember to continue your reading at home, and keep practising those times tables for our weekly 99 club sessions! If you read 5 times a week (and have your record signed by an adult) you will earn a sticker. The more stickers you have, the more housepoints you can earn!

Helpful Links

For extra maths questions



The LKS2 team will continue to fill this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we've done and more as the term continues.


Practising handwriting.

The children have been practising their

handwriting in this way, starting as large

as possible to clearly practice the appropriate

joins between letters.


In the example 'dog' here, you can see that
the letter is given 9 lines to be written
making sure that the ascenders touch
the top 
line, and the descenders touch the
bottom of 
the ninth line. This allows each
'section' of the 
letter to fill 3 lines. In the next
example there 
are 6 lines for the letter, 2 for
the ascending, 2 
for the descending and 2 for
the middle 
section. This is continued until the
children can write the letter within the spaces of just one line.



🎶 Spanish Numbers Song 1-10

We have been learning this song in Year 3 if they would like to practise it at home!

Spellings Homework

We hope you have found the overview sheet useful. New spelling lists have been sent home for this week.