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Foundation Unit

Welcome to the Holyport Foundation Stage Unit


Meet the team;

Miss Sharp and Miss Benham - Class Teachers

Mrs Matharoo and Mrs Abbott - Support Staff


What are we learning?


Personal Social Emotional Development

  • Exploring friendships
  • Settling in and transition to the setting
  • Keeping safe and healthy 


Communication Language and Literacy

  • Listening attentively in a range of situations
  • Listening and responding to ideas expressed by others in conversations or discussions
  • Using talk to organise, sequence, and clarify thinking, ideas, experiences, and events
  • Responding to "how" and "why" questions
  • Providing explanations



  • Writing our name
  • The phonics sounds; s, a, t, p, i, n, d, g, o, m, c, k, ck



  • Counting 
  • Number formation
  • 2D and 3D shape names and properties
  • Patterns and repeating patterns
  • Measures using non-standard units


Physical Development

  • Holding a pencil correctly
  • Letter formations
  • Writing numbers
  • To handle tools and malleable materials safely and with increasing control 


Understanding of the World

  • Investigating the season Autumn 
  • Investigating changes in ourselves as we grow, learn and develop


Exploring and Using Media and Materials

  • Using tools appropriately and safely 
  • Constructing with materials and boxes
  • Using a variety of materials to achieve a planned effect


Many thanks for your support

The Foundation Team 

Tapestry Instructions

Parent Curriculum Meeting 25th September 2017