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Welcome to the Holyport Foundation Stage Unit


Meet the team;

Miss Sharp and Miss Benham - Class Teachers

Mrs Benham and Mrs Abbott - Support Staff

News and Events (Updated 8th November 2017)


Parents Evening

We look forward to see you at parents evening on Wednesday 8th November or Thursday 9th November. You can book an appointment through the school office or by using the online booking system. Appointments are 10 minutes long, but we are happy to get back to you if there is anything that needs further discussion. 


World Nursery Rhyme Week

We are very excited to be taking part in Music Bugs, World Nursery Rhyme Week on the 13th - 17th November. There is a different nursery rhyme to engage in each day. The children learn the rhyme, explore what rhyme is, sequence the rhyme, use drama and acting skills to perform it, draw it, make it and there are lots more activities!


Anti-Bullying Week

The week commencing the 13th November is Anti-bullying week in schools. In early years we will be holding a circle time discussion about what it is to be a good friend. We will be using drama to act out some age appropriate scenarios and identifying the good and bad choices that were made, and suggesting ideas for choices that could have been made it improve the situation. The scenarios will include topics on sharing, my friend wont play with me, having more than one friend and taking turns. 



Tapestry has been live for a few weeks now. If you have not received an email to activate your account it may be because we don't hold a current email address for you, or we may need to check we have the correct email address for you.  Please notify your child's class teacher. 


Reading Books

All reception children have been issued with a reading book. This are checked and changed every Monday and Thursday. Please record any observations in the notes section of the reading record book and indicated weather the book is finished, and we will changed the book for a new one on these days. 



As discussed at the curriculum presentation, we run a half termly homework grid system. A copy of the homework grid can be found inside each child's reading record book, or downloaded from this page. We recommend each child to obtain 8 points worth of homework over the term. This can be made up of a variety of activities listed on the grid. Once complete we will sign off the activity on the child's grid to indicate it complete. Homework grid activities form our show and tell. 



Please see our Autumn Term 2 newsletter for up to date information on our topic 'People who Help us'. 


P.E. Kits

Please ensure your child's P.E. kit is name labelled and check that you do not have any other kit in your child's bag.  If you find any items that don't belong to your child in their bag please return them to the class teacher.  Thank you for your support.


What are we learning?


Personal Social Emotional Development

  • Exploring friendships
  • Settling in and transition to the setting
  • Keeping safe and healthy 


Communication Language and Literacy

  • Listening attentively in a range of situations
  • Listening and responding to ideas expressed by others in conversations or discussions
  • Using talk to organise, sequence, and clarify thinking, ideas, experiences, and events
  • Responding to "how" and "why" questions
  • Providing explanations



  • Writing our name
  • The phonics sounds; s, a, t, p, i, n, d, g, o, m, c, k, ck



  • Counting 
  • Number formation
  • 2D and 3D shape names and properties
  • Patterns and repeating patterns
  • Measures using non-standard units


Physical Development

  • Holding a pencil correctly
  • Letter formations
  • Writing numbers
  • To handle tools and malleable materials safely and with increasing control 


Understanding of the World

  • Investigating the season Autumn 
  • Investigating changes in ourselves as we grow, learn and develop


Exploring and Using Media and Materials

  • Using tools appropriately and safely 
  • Constructing with materials and boxes
  • Using a variety of materials to achieve a planned effect


Many thanks for your support

The Foundation Team 

Tapestry Instructions

Parent Curriculum Meeting 25th September 2017