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Miss Huxtable's Math's booster will run on Thursday 8th February, not the 15th as stated in the letter given out, as this is during the holiday period.


In Art, we will be using bars of soap to carve Inuit sculptures (hopefully!) We would be grateful if the children could start to bring in a bar of soap - it can be coloured but should have no markings on it. Cheap bars of soap will be best - please don't spend too much.




A Very Warm Welcome to Dickens and Shakespeare's Class Page!


Our Team

Dickens Class - Miss Huxtable

Shakespeare Class - Miss Prothero

Support Staff - Mrs Lake, Mrs Wilson & Mrs Thomas


Our class page is an area to inform you of things we are doing in class, exhibit work we're really proud of, and to link you to helpful websites for carrying it all on at home. 



Key Information


Homework is handed out on a Friday and due in on a Wednesday.

Spellings are handed out on a Friday and tested the following Friday.

If possible, all homework will be made available on our class page. There may be exceptions if handing out photocopied documents. Children can ask for a second copy if it goes missing, but we are encouraging the children to take responsibility for their work as they will be expected to do so at Secondary School.


Classwork - Week Beginning  12/01/18

English - We have finished our short narratives. Well done on working on the use of suspense, building character and setting descriptions, and improving your punctuation and grammar. Keep this up!

This week, we will be moving on to writing diaries, using our text 'Call of the Wild' by Jack London. As we have covered diaries before, our focus will be getting to know our character better so we can write a diary in a particular style. The character we will focus on is Buck. Children will take part in some hot-seating to start thinking like our character - taking on a persona.

From reading the children's work, we have seen that paragraphs need some further work. We shall look at an unedited diary and how paragraphs are used to make sense of the writing. We will then plan and write our own diaries, taking on board what had been learnt during the week.


Maths - We shall be looking converting fractions into decimals. This follows on from last week's work on decimals. After this, we shall then be moving on to look at percentages, and how all three link together. As usual, we will be challenging children through reasoning and problem solving questions which aim to get the children to explore the mathematical process in a more abstract way. We will also be using test style questions to start preparing the children for the KS2 tests in May.


Homework - 


English - We would like the children to now edit/polish their stories or written pieces, and write them up in neat for the competition based on the title 'A Different Perspective'. On Thursday, they wrote a draft of their stories (or poems) using the plans they completed for homework. These have been sent home with them to work on. If your child was absent on Thursday, they will need to write up their story using their plan. Due Monday 15th January - this is so that we can meet the competition deadline.


Maths - Miss Huxtable and Miss Prothero have handed out hard copies of the homework this week. You may write on the sheet, which we will mark together in class next week. If you prefer, you may write your answers in your homework book.


Topic - This topic grid has been handed out. We continue to ask the children to attempt a homework from each section, anytime over the term. There are also some 'Values' homeworks which relate to issues introduced by Mrs Featherstone in our Monday assemblies. 



If your child needs a hard copy of homeworks, do let us know and we will be happy to make these available. 


Spellings -


Spring Week 2 Spellings

Tested on 19/01/18

Words with the long /e/ sound spelt ‘ie’ or ‘ei’ after c (and exceptions)


  1. deceive
  2. conceive
  3. receive
  4. perceive
  5. ceiling
  6. receipt
  7. protein
  8. caffeine
  9. seize
  10. neither






Thank you for viewing our year group's page! smiley Miss Huxtable & Miss Prothero

Topic Grid Homework (Frozen Kingdom)

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