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Year 6 – Dickens and Shakespeare


Unfortunately, Miss Prothero was unable to be a part of our Victorian Day today. She would like to have a Victorian School morning (in role) with her class at another time, when she returns to school - this would not require the children to dress up again and they will be informed when this is planned to take place.


Thursday 22nd March

'Easter Cracked' - our coach will pick us up from the Church at 3.00pm, with the aim of arriving back at school by 3:15pm. However, we may be delayed by traffic at this time, so please bear this in mind when collecting your child after school.


Practice Papers

Some of the recent assessment papers we have completed have been sent home - the children may keep these. They have been marked in class. We feel that they are useful to share with you so that you can see the areas children still need to work on. The children may like to reattempt some of the questions they got wrong - we are happy to mark these. 

Attached below is a copy of the Reading Texts that were used for the Reading Paper - we have discussed the answers with the children but if you wish to query anything, please do come and speak with us.


New Revision Site - Rising Stars

Thank you for those who have been sharing their experiences. There seem to have been some problems with the apostrophe work this week - rising stars not accepting answers which are seemingly correct. Teachers are happy to check these answers with children if they wish to write them down and bring them in. As well as this, attached below is a copy of the 'Technical Information' given by the site with regards to the settings required to use the site effectively.



A Very Warm Welcome to Dickens and Shakespeare's Class Page!


Our Team

Dickens Class - Miss Huxtable

Shakespeare Class - Miss Prothero

Support Staff - Mrs Lake, Mrs Wilson & Mrs Thomas


Our class page is an area to inform you of things we are doing in class, exhibit work we're really proud of, and to link you to helpful websites for carrying it all on at home. 



Key Information


Homework is handed out on a Friday and due in on a Wednesday.

Spellings are handed out on a Friday and tested the following Friday.

If possible, all homework will be made available on our class page. There may be exceptions if handing out photocopied documents. Children can ask for a second copy if it goes missing, but we are encouraging the children to take responsibility for their work as they will be expected to do so at Secondary School.


Classwork - Week Beginning  19/03/18

English - We shall be writing character and setting descriptions in preparation for writing our own narratives.


Maths - We will be looking at working out the area of parallelograms and then we will look at volume. We shall end the unit with some assessment tests.


Homework - 


English - We have assigned some tests on the Rising Stars site. 'Determiners' and 'Hyphens'.


Maths - We have assigned some tests on the Rising Stars site. 'Mass' and 'Area using a formula' have been set.


Topic - A new topic grid has been handed out.



If your child needs a hard copy of homeworks, do let us know and we will be happy to make these available. 


Spellings -

Spring Week 8 Spellings

Tested on 23/03/18

Words with endings which sound like /shuhl/ after a consonant letter.


1) partial

2) confidential

3) essential

4) substantial

5) torrential

6) sequential

7) potential

8) spatial

9) martial

10) influential


Thank you for viewing our year group's page! smiley Miss Huxtable & Miss Prothero  

Reading Paper Booklet

Reading Paper Booklet 1
Reading Paper Booklet 2
Reading Paper Booklet 3
Reading Paper Booklet 4
Reading Paper Booklet 5
Reading Paper Booklet 6
Reading Paper Booklet 7
Reading Paper Booklet 8
Reading Paper Booklet 9

Curriculum Meeting PPT 25/09/17

Reading List Y6

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