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Year 6 – Dickens and Shakespeare



Our new Class Read is 'Pig-Heart Boy' by Malorie Blackman. If you have your own copy, feel free to bring this in.


New PE slots:

Dickens - Monday and Wednesday afternoon

Shakespeare - Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon

Please still ensure your kit is in every day.


A Very Warm Welcome to Dickens and Shakespeare's Class Page!


Our Team

Dickens Class - Miss Huxtable

Shakespeare Class - Miss Prothero

Support Staff - Mrs Lake, Mrs Wilson & Mrs Thomas


Our class page is an area to inform you of things we are doing in class, exhibit work we're really proud of, and to link you to helpful websites for carrying it all on at home. 



Key Information


Homework is handed out on a Friday and due in on a Wednesday.

Spellings are handed out on a Friday and tested the following Friday.

If possible, all homework will be made available on our class page. There may be exceptions if handing out photocopied documents. Children can ask for a second copy if it goes missing, but we are encouraging the children to take responsibility for their work as they will be expected to do so at Secondary School.


Classwork - Week Beginning  20/11/17

English - We will be writing our own newspaper reports this week based on our text 'Pig-Heart Boy'. We will also be using this text to write some letters (a genre we have covered before so we will do more than one piece of extended writing this week).


Maths - Multiplying and dividing fractions will be our focus this week.


Homework (Due 22/11/17) - 


English - We have handed out a Reading Comprehension for the children to complete. We will then go through the questions with the children in class. If you lose a hard copy of the homework, please see your class teacher as soon as you can to receive another one.


Maths - Miss Prothero's group have been given a fractions challenge sheet. Miss Huxtable's group have been given some work on adding and subtracting fractions. Please do as many questions as you can in 30 minutes.


Topic - A new topic grid has been issued. As we didn't have as many responses as we had hoped for last term, we are now asking that one homework from each column be completed within the half term. For example, one worth 1HP, one worth 2HP and a final one worth 3HP. This is only 3 topic homeworks over a 6/7 week period and they can be handed in at any point in the term. They are all designed to be fun activities which can be completed as and when the children have time. We do expect at least 30mins to be spent on each activity.



If your child needs a hard copy of homeworks, do let us know and we will be happy to make these available. 


Spellings - (Tested 24/11/17)

Week 10 Spellings

Tested on 24/11/17

Words ending in –able

  1. applicable
  2. tolerable
  3. operable
  4. considerable
  5. dependable
  6. comfortable
  7. reasonable
  8. perishable
  9. breakable
  10. fashionable


If there are any queries with regards to homework/spellings, please do not hesitate to speak with any of the Year 6 team.



Thank you for viewing our year group's page! smiley Miss Huxtable & Miss Prothero

Curriculum Meeting PPT 25/09/17

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