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Year 6 – Dickens and Shakespeare



Thank you for joining us for our Year 6 Production and our wonderful sunny picnic today. We hope you had fun!

Leavers' Assembly - Friday Morning (have the tissues ready!) Children - Lyrics below for some of our songs.


Some Reminders:


Keep going with the Reading Challenge and keep your teachers updated on how you're doing.


Bring in your PE kit for the week. We have two PE sessions and the race for life.









A Very Warm Welcome to Dickens and Shakespeare's Class Page!


Our Team

Dickens Class - Miss Huxtable and Mrs Wilson

Shakespeare Class - Miss Joy and Mrs Mallett

Mrs Cobb and Mrs Harbour


Our class page is an area to inform you of things we are doing in class, exhibit work we're really proud of, and to link you to helpful websites for carrying it all on at home. 



Key Information


PE - Monday and Thursday. Please bring a carrier bag for muddy trainers!


Homework - Handed out on Friday, due in Tuesday. Work to be completed in homework book unless otherwise stated. All paper copies of work are to be trimmed and stuck in.


The expectation is that 30 minutes is spent on the English homework, 30 minutes on the Maths and 30 minutes on Science/Topic. Presentation is key in order for work to be marked. Any unacceptable pieces of homework may result in work being sent home to be attempted again.


Spellings - Handed out on Friday. Children should have stuck these in their homework books. They will be tested on the following Friday in the back of their homework book so that you can see their scores. We recommend daily practice (5-10 minutes a day).


Reading - Children have reading logs/records in which they can keep track of what they have read. We would like children to record the name of the book they are reading, how many pages they have read on a particular date, and a brief comment on how well they read aloud or what they thought of the text/what happened, and to have this signed by an adult daily. It will also be stamped regularly in school. We would like children to aim to read for at least 10 minutes, five times a week.




We are asking the children to continue practising their lines and the song lyrics - especially if they have a solo part. We have attached the lyrics below and some samples of the backing tracks can be found on but these are just samples. Children need to focus on fully pronouncing the lyrics so that they are clear when singing. 


Dickens Maths -

Try this challenge smiley 


Miss Joy's Maths - Try this challenge: Would you rather ...?




If there are any problems with the homework, do not hesitate to come in and speak with Miss Huxtable or Miss Joy (ideally before the homework is due).



Classwork - Week Beginning   17/07/17


As it is our final week, there are a range of activities going on in Year 6. We shall still be rehearsing, ready for our final performance; we shall all be taking part in the race for life (followed by the family picnic); we will be preparing for our leavers assembly and there will also be some other activities related to our current topic and RE, to finish off the year. We hope you have all enjoyed your time in Year 6 and wish you well for the future as you move on to your new schools.


If you have any questions about our classwork, please see Miss Joy or Miss Huxtable who will be happy to discuss these in more detail if needed. 



Thank you for viewing our year group's page! smiley Miss Huxtable & Miss Joy

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Leavers' Song - Words on Screen™ Original - School Songs

Leavers' Song by Mark and Helen Johnson from Songs for EVERY Occasion Words and Music by Mark and Helen Johnson © 2002 & 2007 Out of the Ark Ltd, Middlesex TW12 2HD CCLI Song No. 4127077

Reading List Y6


KS2 SATs Meeting Thursday 9th March

Curriculum Meeting

KS2 SATs Meeting Handout