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Year 6 – Dickens and Shakespeare


We have a special visitor on Monday to help us learn more about WW2.

Fancy an extra 2HP? Our question from our Science session today is: Can we make black using the primary colours? If you can give a great explanation why or why not, teachers will be giving out some extra housepoints. smiley


Our Curriculum Meeting - Monday 25th September

A Very Warm Welcome to Dickens and Shakespeare's Class Page!


Our Team

Dickens Class - Miss Huxtable

Shakespeare Class - Miss Prothero

Support Staff - Mrs Lake, Mrs Wilson & Mrs Thomas


Our class page is an area to inform you of things we are doing in class, exhibit work we're really proud of, and to link you to helpful websites for carrying it all on at home. 



Key Information


Homework is handed out on a Friday and due in on a Wednesday.

Spellings are handed out on a Friday and tested the following Friday.

All homework will be made available on our class page. Hard copies will be handed out if necessary.


Classwork - Week Beginning  18/09/17

English - We spent most of last week working on diaries due to some extra work being needed on them. Now we will be moving on to speeches, listening to inspiring speeches and what makes them effective. The children will then have a chance to write their own speeches, presenting them to the class if they wish. By the end of the week, we will be moving on to informal letters.


Maths - We will be moving on to the four operations, firstly focusing on addition and subtraction (a range of reasoning and problem solving questions will be available to challenge the children further) and then we shall move onto short/long multiplication followed by short/long division.


Homework - Due Wednesday 20th September


MyMaths online – based on rounding and negative numbers which we have been working on this week.


English – As we have been working on diaries, we would like the children to keep a diary for two days. This could be the weekend or it could include a school day. We would like the children to think carefully about the features of a diary – considering thoughts and feelings, giving enough detail/explanation and thinking carefully about punctuation and paragraphing.


Topic – Next Thursday (21st September) we are going to be acting in role as an evacuee. Children will be given an evacuee label to a new home and host family. For this ‘memorable experience’ session we would like the children to bring in a shoe box filled with useful possessions or items which mean something significant to them. For instance, they could bring a favourite book, magazine or comic, a toy or keepsake (think WW2 appropriate), or a photograph. These will be shared at school and returned on the same day. Remember, these items are coming into school and will be kept in class but we would advise not bringing in extremely precious or delicate items.


If your child needs a hard copy of homeworks, do let us know and we will be happy to make these available. All homework will be included on our class page.


Spellings - Tested on Friday 22nd September

This week, the spellings have been handed out. Future spellings may be based on other topic words we wish the children to learn, common errors noticed in classwork and spellings taken from the Y5/6 list in the National Curriculum. We will also go over spelling patterns the children have previously learnt and ones new to Y6.


1. aggressive

2. hostile

3. awkward

4. obstinate

5. desperate

6. frantic

7. disastrous

8. calamitous

9. marvellous

10. spectacular


If there are any queries with regards to homework/spellings, please do not hesitate to speak with any of the Year 6 team.



Thank you for viewing our year group's page! smiley Miss Huxtable & Miss Prothero

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