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Year 5 – Swindells and Stevenson

Welcome to Year 5 2017 - 2018



Welcome from Mrs Headington & Mrs Harbour (5 Swindells) and Miss Morris (5 Stevenson)


This week 22/06/18

This week the children have been involved in variety of activities for Healthy Living.  They listened to a talk from Thames Valley Police on how to keep themselves safe online and enjoyed making bread with Cooking Kane.  Tuesday had a focus on healthy minds; they completely relaxed in a lavender infused hall, learnt meditation techniques and performed some yoga poses ably taught by Miss Morris.


Linked to the class novel Grandpa's Great Escape, in English they have designed an allotment (bearing in mind the rationing that took place during World War Two) and then created a healthy menu incorporating all of the food groups in order to improve Grandpa's diet!


A particular highlight of the week was a visit from the Smoothie Bike, where the children were given the opportunity to cycle furiously in order to produce a delicious mango, strawberry and pineapple smoothie.


This week's homework reflects our healthy theme, as the children have been asked to create a plan for a healthy lunchbox.  They may be as creative as they like, using pictures of foods to create a collage.  All efforts will be submitted into a whole-school competition.  Watch this space for the results! 


This week 15/06/18

What a fantastic assembly from Stevenson this week.  They said their lines clearly and acted beautifully.  


The children brought in some excellent research on Monday and continued the theme of biography writing this week.  English homework reinforces understanding of the use of commas.  In Maths they have worked hard looking at rotating and translating shapes using co-ordinates.  This week's Maths homework reflects this.


This week in Science we have been looking at the stages of the Human Life cycle.  Next week we will begin the first of our SRE lessons as we think about hygiene and keeping ourselves clean.


This week 8/06/18

We can't quite believe we have begun the last term of the academic year - with so many learning opportunities, time has flown by!


The children have really been enjoying our text-based work in English.  (The Beetle Boy Trilogy continues to be a hit, as many of the children have been bringing in the next books in the series as their class reader - this is great to see.)  This term our work in English will be based around Grandpa's Great Escape by David Walliams.


In Maths, the children have enjoyed using protractors to draw and measure angles.  We have then moved on to using their knowledge of degrees in a triangle to help them calculate the missing angle.  This week's Maths homework reflects this.


In other subjects, the children really enjoyed creating their own photo-portraits in Art, and continue to enjoy learning the violin.  There will be a violin concert later on this term, exact dates of this to follow soon.  Thank you also for the photographs many children brought in for Science, as we are looking at the Human Life-cycle.  It was lovely to see how cute they all were!


If you missed Wednesday's PSHE meeting regarding this terms work on Sex and Relationships Education, please do speak to any of us and we can provide you with further details of the topics we will be covering.  Do check the website as we will notify you of when this teaching will take place so that you can talk with your children about it at home.


Finally, don't forget Stevenson Class Assembly next Wednesday 13th June from 8.55am.


This week 18/05/18

What a wonderful way to end the week!  Year 5 joined the rest of the school in a street party to celebrate the upcoming Royal Wedding.  It was lovely to see the whole school sharing a meal together.


Earlier in the week, the children have been continuing to enjoy the story of the Railway Children, whilst in Maths we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes.  This week's Maths homework involves identifying 3D shapes at home.


In Science, the children have designed and made their own parachutes to find out what creates the most effective one.  Ask them to share with you their understanding of air resistance and the other forces that we have been learning about.


We all really enjoyed our trip to Longridge last week.  There are too many photos to put on the website, but we will be putting up a display in school which we hope you will be able to come and view.


Don't forget that term ends next Thursday 24th May as school is closed on Friday for staff training.


This week 10/05/18

Another action-packed week for Year 5 - and it's not finished yet!  The children have been writing diary entries from the perspective of different characters in the Railway Children.  They have also had a go at story telling, and participated in some thoughtful discussions about refugees.  In Science they have been designing parachutes which we will be testing next week.


In Maths, we have been working on converting units of measurement, which many of the children have found quite challenging.  This week's homework is designed to reinforce this.  You can support your child at home by providing them with opportunities to weigh and measure - perhaps whilst helping with the dinner!


We look forward to an enjoyable day at Longridge tomorrow.  As per the letter sent to parents, the children need to be at the Longridge Centre near Marlow between 9-9.30am (9.15am would be preferable as the first activities are due to start promptly at 9.30am).  Collection time is from the site no later than 4.15pm.  Many thanks.


Watch this space for pictures of the day's activities.


This week 4/05/18

Year 5 have enjoyed a busy week!  In our English lessons, we have begun to read the Railway Children by E.Nesbit.  The children have acted out scenes from what we have read so far, written a letter to the Station Master, and had a very interesting discussion about whether it's ever ok to steal.  (You would be proud of their thought on this!)


In Maths we have continued our work on decimals, and in Science working with forces.  We have discovered who Isaac Newton was, and thought about balanced and unbalanced forces.  


The highlight of our week has been releasing our butterflies, which had emerged from their chrysalides during the beginning of the week.  It has been a wonderful experience to be able to observe them so closely and it was amazing to watch them take flight.  







Homework in English this week is to create a shape poem about butterflies based on their knowledge of life cycles and the experiences we have shared this week.  


This week 27/04/18

Another busy week in Year 5.  This week the children have started work on their theme park projects.  They have held a business meeting, been given a budget to work with and have started to plan and draft what their theme park will look like.


In Science we have been thinking about forces and where we see them at work in everyday life.  Can you find any interesting examples of forces in action while you are out and about? 


In Maths we have been continuing our work with decimal calculations - adding and subtracting, and applying this to problem solving.  It would be helpful if your child could identify where decimals are used in everyday life; giving them the opportunity to handle a simple transaction with money at the shop when buying milk, or weighing out ingredients when cooking would both be beneficial ways of supporting this.


Many of the children were sad to have concluded the story Beetle Boy by MG Leonard.  Those who wish to may purchase the sequel Beetle Queen as the adventure continues...


Once again, your support in encouraging the children to complete both their English and Maths homework, and an activity from the Homework Grid, is greatly appreciated.  We have talked with the children about ensuring any homework brought in is of a high standard.


This week 20/04/18

We hope you have all enjoyed your Easter break.


Following on from our work last term, our much anticipated caterpillars had arrived over the holidays.  We have installed them in a safe area of our classrooms where we are watching them metamorphose from caterpillars, pupate, and then hopefully through to the butterfly stage.  We're sure you will be updated by the children on any new developments!


Our topic this term is called Scream Machine.  We will be exploring and building upon the children's understanding of forces.  We introduced the topic by watching simulations of roller coaster rides and encouraging the children to share their own experiences.  They have been writing shape poem based on these ideas.


This week 23/03/18

What a fantastic assembly from Stevenson class this week!  We hope you enjoyed seeing the children presenting their work with such enthusiasm.  Thank you for all your support at home.


In English the children have been looking at persuasive writing and have written persuasive adverts for a variety of different products.  They were able to consider their target market and use a range of persuasive techniques to pitch their product.  Budding Dragon's Den contestants in the making!


Maths has continued to focus on decimals, looking at how this links through to percentages.  


For homework, the children have a last opportunity to display their creativity through choosing any remaining activities from this term's homework grid.  Maths homework relates directly to work undertaken in class.


Don't forget our short week next week, as school ends on Thursday 29th March at 2pm.


This week 16/03/18

This term is flying by!  Preparations for the Easter Service on 29th March are well underway, and Stevenson class are busy rehearsing for their assembly this coming Wednesday.


In English, the children have been enthusiastic in creating comic strips about super bugs who save the day!  Maths has been practical as the children have been developing their understanding of tenths, hundredths and thousandths and applying this to decimals.  Our Science this week involved chopping up a variety of fruits to find the seeds.  The children have been learning about why and how seeds disperse.


For homework, the children have been given words to learn for the Easter Service.  Please ensure these are learnt off by heart.  Maths homework relates directly to the work they have been doing in class.


Thisweek 9/03/18

In spite of last week's snow, the children were still able to come to school in a variety of creative costumes for World Book Day.  It was pleasing to see some characters from classic novels making an appearance!  Before before being interrupted by the inclement weather, the children shared their books with children in Year 3 and some participated in the book swap.


This week the children have explored structured poetry including cinquains, haikus and tankas.  They have written their own versions about insects.  We have also been thinking about the process of metamorphosis.  Using this knowledge, the children have written scripts for a commentary detailing the metamorphosis of a Hercules Beetle.


In Science, the children have developed their understanding of the pollination and fertilisation of plants (ask them about the sticky stigma and style superhighway!).  English homework reflects this as they have been asked to show their understanding of pollination.


Work in Maths has focused on multiplying fractions and then finding fractions of amounts.  The homework given consolidates this.


This week 23/02/18

Welcome back! 


This term in Y5, to coincide with our Beast Creator topic, we will be basing our work in English on the book 'Beetle Boy' by M.G.Leonard.  So far, we have looked at non-chronological reports about invertebrates and the key features needed to write an interesting report, as well as writing a police report for the missing Dr Bartholomew Cuttle (ask your child about Chapter 1!).  This week's English reflects our work on report writing, as the children have been asked to read a report about mini-beasts and answer the questions to show their understanding.


In Science we have begun our topic on Life Cycles by exploring flowering plants.  The children have dissected some common flowers and discovered the scientific names of the parts used in pollination.  


Work has continued to focus on fractions including; adding, subtracting and solving problems involving fractions.  Maths homework reinforces work covered in class this week.


The children have an exciting opportunity in school this term, as Y5 will be learning to play the violin in their music lessons.  As part of this experience, Berkshire Maestros have supplied the school with enough violins for each child in Y5 to have one to take home on loan this term.  Look out for letters about this next week.


Just a reminder that the children are invited to dress as their favourite book character for World Book Day on Thursday 1st March.  Please bring the book linked to their character to be shared in class.  Also a reminder to bring in any unwanted but good condition books for our annual book swap which will also take place on the same day.  


Many thanks, 

Y5 Team



This week 9/02/18

We can't believe the term is drawing to a close.  The children have really enjoyed the Stargazers topic and built upon their understanding of Earth and Space.  We have continued to be impressed with the creative homework projects being brought into school - this week having been overrun by a wonderful variety of aliens!  Thank you for your ongoing support with this.


The children have completed their Sci-Fi stories for publication in class books which be available to view at Parent's Evening.


Please see the latest homework grid for Spring 2 below.

As halt term homework, the children have been asked to create an existing insect from materials that can be found at home.  This may be 2D  or 3D.  

We have also asked them to practise the spelling patterns and words taught this term ready for a test the first week back.


We hope you have an enjoyable half term break.


This week 2/02/18

Our week began with a rocket launching spectacular.  Year 5 were NASA rocket designers and crafted their own ballistic rockets.  Their task was to investigate which angle for take off would produce the best range from the launch pad.  Some rockets reached an astounding 7 metres, and the children discovered that 45 degrees was the optimum angle.



We have been impressed with the sci-fi story writing produced by our authors in the making.  They have been inspired by the planet of Pandora and written exciting and heart-wrenching plots.  We will be creating class novels with our work next week.


Our Maths focus this week was equivalent fractions and comparing fractions with different denominators.  For reinforcement; find fractions of amounts at home, create your own fraction wall or go to:


This week 26/01/18

In English this week we have been using our five senses to describe the setting of the planet Pandora.  You can follow the link below to view the short film about Pandora we used as our starting point (scroll down until you see the heading 'Pandora'!)

Next week we will be writing our short adventure story based on our exploration of this enchanting planet.

We used H.G Well's 'War of the Worlds' to inspire us to write a character description of our own extra-terrestial as well as create a piece of alien art. 


We ended the week teaching Maths in Spanish!  This involved playing a multiples game and then writing and speaking calculations in Spanish.


Homework this week revises spelling patterns of -ible, -able, -ibly and -ably.  The children need to copy and complete the table given into their homework books.

Maths homework revises strategies we've been using in class this week.



This week 19/01/18

What an exciting week we have had!

The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit from the Learning Dome.  It was difficult to take photos of the experience, but you can find out more about what they did by visiting:


This week the children were super reporters writing and publishing their own newspaper reports.  Can they tell you the main features included in report writing?  They also took part in a live lesson run by the BBC, where they collected ideas for the BBC's 500 word Story Competition:

We're encouraging the children to take part in this competition at home, but we'll also be judging entries in school on Friday January 26th, with the best being chosen to be published on the website.


In Maths the children have been mastering division with remainders, recording them as fractions and decimals.  Perhaps they could show what they have learnt?


A huge thank you for all the effort going in to the Stargazers homework activities!

We're astounded by the quality of the work being brought in and have been able to create some fantastic displays to showcase their work.


English homework this week focuses on the use of apostrophes for possession.

Maths homework revisits understanding of place value from last term.


This week 12/01/18

We have been absorbed in the final chapters of Kensuke's Kingdom and begun to think about how we can use the story line to help us write newspaper reports.


Maths has been more on multiplication, including decimals - part of our Maths homework this week reflects this.


This coming Wednesday (17th), we are excited about the mobile Planetarium that will be visiting us here in school.  Hopefully photos to follow next week!


Spellings:  children will now be tested on their spellings on a MONDAY, and receive their new spellings for the following week.  We are wanting to encourage the children to use their learnt spellings in their work as far as possible, and hope this will help support this.


This week 5/01/18

Welcome back and a Happy New Year!

We have launched straight back into our work in school with enthusiasm.  Our topic 'Stargazers' will begin in earnest next week - more details in our newsletter.


In Maths we have begun groupings in order to specifically target the areas which need developing in children's learning.  Our focus has been the formal written methods of multiplication and their application to reasoning and problem solving.


In English, we have continued reading the story of Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo.  We have explored the character of Kensuke through role-play and will be delving further into the historical basis for the story next week.



Please see this term's homework grid for this week.  A copy will be sent home with your child.

Spellings will resume as normal  - please see below.



General information


Please can children make sure they have a named water bottle in school each day, and take it home each day.


We have PE on  Fridays, but please ensure that PE kits are brought into school each Monday and taken home each Friday, as there are opportunities for activities that occur during the week. 

Please can children bring a plastic carrier bag for their trainers because they are likely to get muddy on the field.


Please also ensure that all clothing, including jumpers and coats, is named.

Homework - General Information

Each child has been given a homework book for them to write their homework in. Information on the week's homework is stuck into the book or sent separately where appropriate.


Homework - Reading


Each child has been given a reading record to take home and bring into school daily with their reading book. We would like children to record the name of the book they are reading, how many pages they have read on a particular date, and a brief comment on how well they read aloud or what they thought of the text/what happened, and to have this signed by an adult daily. It will also be stamped regularly in school. We would like children to aim to read for at least 10 minutes, five times a week. There will be whole-school initiatives to encourage children in their reading.


Homework - Maths

In addition to specified Maths activities, children should also practise their multiplication and division tables to 12 - a useful website for this is


Homework - Spellings

We are currently learning the Y5 Government Statutory spelling list as part of our spelling activities each week.  The week's spellings are stuck on a sticker in the children's homework books to be tested on a Monday.  Please see below.


Homework Grids

These are provided to enable the children to support their learning in school by having the opportunity to engage in a variety of homework activities from across the wider curriculum. 

This term's topic is Stargazers, therefore the activities reflect this.


We would like each child to complete at least one of the tasks specified each week.