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Year 3 – Milne and Rosen

Welcome to the Year 3 page

Meet our team

Rosen Class - Miss Foulds

Milne Class - Mrs Cobb, Mrs Muzzio (Cover)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Mallett, Mrs Brown and Mrs Real-Lage


Key Information:

PE - Tuesdays & Thursdays

Homework - Homework will be handed out weekly on a

Friday and is expected back in on the following Wednesday.

Children will receive both Maths and Literacy each week.

Spellings - Spellings will be handed out with homework
on a Friday and children will be tested on these the
following Friday.

Things to remember:


End of term - Thurs 29th @2pm


Please can you let your child practice doing up and
the buttons on their shirts. Please also let
practice with their ties!


Children now receive both maths and literacy each week.

Literacy homework

Please use the sheet to complete the reading comprehension questions.

Maths homework

Fractions. Children have been shown how to complete these grids.

Please ask if you are stuck!


Handwriting - To practice handwriting neatly by writing
words from large to small, see the attachment below as an example


Spellings this week are:

- division

- invasion

- confusion

- decision

- collision

- television

- possession

- version

- mission

- session



Our weekly update from Friday:

What have Year 3 been up to?

Year 3 have been practising hard learning a new version of 'This is Amazing Grace' for our part in the Easter Service at church. We have explored the different poles of a magnet and worked out that the Earth's magnetic South Pole is actually in the Northern Hemisphere - what we call the North Pole! This is why all magnets point North, as they are attracted to the magentic South Pole of the Earth. The children are very excited in their topic learning about magnets and forces at the moment which is an absolute joy to see.


This week we will be writing more of our own explanation texts for how some of the household appliances work in 'Until I Met Dudley'.


In maths this week we will move on it our learning to look at fractions. We will look to find fractions in both numbers and shapes.

Reading & 99 club

Remember to continue your reading at home, and keep practising those times tables for our weekly 99 club sessions! Don't forget about your reading and you will earn prizes!

Helpful Links

For extra maths questions



Miss Foulds and Mrs Cobb will continue to fill this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we've done and more as the term continues.


Practising handwriting.

The children have been practising their

handwriting in this way, starting as large

as possible to clearly practice the appropriate

joins between letters.


In the example 'dog' here, you can see that
the letter is given 9 lines to be written
making sure that the ascenders touch
the top 
line, and the descenders touch the
bottom of 
the ninth line. This allows each
'section' of the 
letter to fill 3 lines. In the next
example there 
are 6 lines for the letter, 2 for
the ascending, 2 
for the descending and 2 for
the middle 
section. This is continued until the
children can write the letter within the spaces of just one line.