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Year 1/2 – Rosen, Inkpen, and Ahlberg

Welcome to Year 1/2 


Meet our Team  

Rosen Class:  Mrs. Madden Mrs. Mansfield Mrs. Bingham

Inkpen Class: Miss Benham  Mrs. Muzzio 

Ahlberg Class: Mrs. Harris Mrs. Allaway


Welcome Back.  We hope you have had a wonderful holiday.  We are very excited to begin our learning this term.  Please check this page weekly for news and updates.  Please ensure your child's P.E kit and uniform are clearly labelled.  P.E kit should be brought in every Monday and left in school until Friday.  Thank you for your support.


Rosen P.E: Monday and Wednesday

Inkpen P.E: Wednesday and Thursday

Ahlberg P.E. Tuesday and Wednesday





                                                                 Key Information


Homework Books:

Homework books need to come in every Wednesday and will be handed out again on Friday.  Please complete at least one task per week.  It may be recorded or stuck in the homework book.  Please tick off the tasks your child has completed on the grid so the teacher can tally up the house points.  Thank you.


Reading: Reading books will be changed regularly. Please bring your reading book and reading record into school every day and place it in the box provided.


Spelling: A spelling grid will be put in your child's homework diary for the entire term.  The website will be updated with weekly spelling grid regularly so you can access the spellings if your homework diary is not to hand.


Homework Grid:  A homework grid will be set half- termly.  Children will be able to select from a       variety of tasks to support their learning. Please encourage your child to select at least one task per week. Children who choose to do more tasks will gain house points for their efforts.




Curriculum News


Literacy: Traction Man is Here! by Mini Grey: recounts, adventure stories, graphic novels, play scripts


Maths: Number/Place Value 


Science: Human body, senses, healthy living, working scientifically


P.E. Exploring movements and tagging and dodging


PSHE:  Personal safety


Music: Creating digital super hero sounds


Topic:  Super Heroes


Geography and History: Historical heroes and heroines


Art and DT: Drawing, modelling, and designing superheroes


R.E:  What do Christians think God is like?








As part of PHSE this term the children should learn their address and the phone number of a parent or carer.  Please practise this with your child if they don't already know it.  When your child has learnt this information, you should note it in their homework book.  Many Thanks 

KS1 Team

Pencil cases and rucksacks in Key Stage 1: Children do not need pencil cases in Key Stage 1.  We would encourage children to bring in a school book bag rather than a large rucksack due to the lack of space in some of the classrooms.