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Year 1/2 – Ahlberg, Inkpen and Waddell

Welcome to Year 1/2 



We hope you have had an enjoyable and restful summer.  The children have had a lovely first week getting to the know their new teachers and settling into to their new routines.  We have a fantastic term planned ahead.


Meet our Team  

Waddell Class: Mrs. Harris  Mrs. Allaway  Mrs Muzzio

Inkpen Class: Mrs. Barnes  Mrs. Bingham 

Ahlberg Class: Mrs. White  Miss Franklin

Mrs. Stedman 


                                                                 Key Information


Waddell: Tuesday and Thursday 


Inkpen: Monday and Tuesday


Ahlberg: Monday and Tuesday



Reading: Reading books will be changed regularly. Please bring your reading book and reading record into school every day and place it in the box provided.


Spelling: Spellings will sent out on Friday and tested on the following Wednesday.


Homework Grid:  A homework grid will be set half- termly.  Children will be able to select from a       variety of tasks to support their learning. Please encourage your child to select at least one task per week. Children who choose to do more tasks will gain house points for their efforts.

Curriculum News


Literacy: Recounts, Fables, Booklets, Lists, Instructions, Poems  


Maths: Place value


Science: Animals including Humans and working scientifically


P.E. Animal movement and Dance


PSHE: Caring for animals, Citizenship, Safety


Music: Animal songs


Topic: Paws, Claws, and Whiskers


Geography: Using and making maps and describing physical features.


Art and DT: Drawing, collage, model making, painting, sculpture animal masks and products, designing labels and designing and making animal enclosures.








Curriculum Newsletter

Home Learning


Homework Grid:

Bronze 1 points Silver  2 points Gold 3 points
Draw a picture or take a photograph of your pet or a friend's pet to talk about in class.  Find out how it is looked after. Go to the library and find a book about animals.  Draw a picture and write a sentence to show what you have learnt.  Follow instructions to make a bird feeder for your garden.
Make an animal alphabet.  Find the name of an animal for each letter of the alphabet. Use the internet to help you. Research an animal on the web and write its name, what it eats and where it lives (habitat). Make a scrap book of animals.  Make sure you write a caption for each picure.
Create your own animal.  Let your imagination run wild!  Find out the name of five animals in the language of your choice (other than English) to share with the class.  Recite a poem about an animal to the class.
Explain to your family what a carnivore, herbivore, and and omnivore is. Practise writing the names of numbers to 20 (Year1) and to 100 (Year 2) Watch a wild life documentary with an adult and tell the class what you learned.
Practise counting backwards from 20 (Year 1) and 100 (Year 2) Write numbers to 100. Write a short story about an animal. 
Count in twos to 20 and show the class. Make a list of all the animals you can see in your garden or at the park. (Be sure to include insects) Count in twos and fives to 100 and show the class.  


My Maths 

We try to set My Maths task weekly, however there is not always a task that supports the classroom learning. Therefore we only set tasks where they are relevant. We will notify the children when a task has been set. 


Number bonds to 20 game (Year 2)




Games and activities to do at home. 

Spellings, are sent home weekly. 



Book Reviews


To develop a love for reading, children are encouraged to talk about the literature they have read, or listened to. This could be discussing their likes and dislikes of the book. Making links to character experiences and  feelings and their own experiences and feelings. 

Follow up tasks could include:

  • Book reviews
  • Draw your favourite part of the story
  • Retell the story / sequence the story
  • Retell the story and change a part / character / setting
  • Write your own version of the story
  • List some questions that you would ask the character if you met them (hot seating)
  • Character descriptions / profiles 
  • Create a new character for the story

Curriculum Evening Presentation

Spellings for Friday 22.9.17 to be tested on Wednesday 27.9.17

Tigers Lions Leopards Panthers Pumas
van see my come called
vet feel her were asked
vat weep down there could
he feet now little would
she week look one don't
      when time