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Year 1/2 – Ahlberg, Inkpen and Waddell

Welcome to Year 1/2 



We hope you have had an enjoyable and restful summer.  The children have had a lovely first week getting to the know their new teachers and settling into to their new routines.  We have a fantastic term planned ahead.


Meet our Team  

Waddell Class: Mrs. Harris  Mrs. Allaway  Mrs Muzzio

Inkpen Class: Mrs. Barnes  Mrs. Bingham 

Ahlberg Class: Mrs. White  

Mrs. Stedman 


                                                                 Key Information

JUNK MODELLING NEEDED.  Please hand any old boxes into your class teacher for topic work next week.  Thank You.



Waddell: Tuesday and Thursday 


Inkpen: Monday and Tuesday


Ahlberg: Monday and Thursday


Homework Books:

Homework books need to come in every Wednesday and will be handed out again on Friday.  Please complete at least one task per week.  It may be recorded or stuck in the homework book.  Please tick off the tasks your child has completed on the grid so the teacher can tally up the house points.  Thank you.


Reading: Reading books will be changed regularly. Please bring your reading book and reading record into school every day and place it in the box provided.


Spelling: Spellings will sent out on Friday and tested on the following Wednesday.


Homework Grid:  A homework grid will be set half- termly.  Children will be able to select from a       variety of tasks to support their learning. Please encourage your child to select at least one task per week. Children who choose to do more tasks will gain house points for their efforts.




Curriculum News


Literacy: Non-chronological reports, Non-Fiction, Booklets, Lists, Riddles, Poems  


Maths: Place value, Addition and Subtraction, Geometry


Science: Animals including Humans, Working Scientifically,  Identifying Common Plants


P.E. Speed, Tagging and Dodging Games, Dance, and Balance


PSHE: Anti-Bullying, Citizenship, Keeping Healthy


Music: Ho Ho Ho Holiday Music


Topic: Dinosaur Planet


Geography and History: Using and making maps and describing physical features, Prehistoric Times, The Life of Mary Anning


Art and DT: Drawing, collage, model making, and painting


R.E: Religious symbols, Hanukkah, Christingle Service







Home Learning


Homework Grid:

Bronze 1 points Silver  2 points Gold 3 points
Make a dinosaur mask to show the class. Write the number bonds to 10 everyday for a week. (Year 1only) Research 5 facts about a favourite dinosaur.
Write a sentence using each of your spelling words this week.  Be sure to check for punctuation. Write number bonds to 20 everyday for a week. (Year 1 and 2) Research a modern day reptile and write down five facts about it.  How is it similar to a dinosaurs?  How is it different?
Create your own dinosaur.  Let your imagination run wild!  Label its special features.  Learn the 2x table up to 12x2 and write them in your book. Recite a poem about a dinosaur to the class.
Observe your bird feeder in your garden.  Are birds using it? If not, how could you improve its design? Practise writing the names of numbers to 20 (Year1) and to 100 (Year 2) Watch a dinosaur documentary with an adult and tell the class what you learned.
Practise counting in fives and tens to 100. Learn the 5x table up to 12x5 and write them in your book. Write a short story about a dinosaur. 
Make a dinosaur puppet to show the class. Learn the 10x table up to 12x10 and write them in your book Count in twos and fives to 100 and show the class.  


Maths homework 

We try to set a Maths homework task fortnightly this will be sent home in their orange homework books. We are currently working on addition and subtraction of numbers and inverse calculations. Children will be using their knowledge to solve missing number calculations and working on word problems.


Number bonds to 20 game (Year 2)




Games and activities to do at home. 

Spellings, are sent home weekly. 



Tiggywinkle's Wildlife Hospital

The dress up day last term was fantastic.  The children looked amazing.  We are looking forward to seeing their photograph in the Maidenhead Advertiser this week.  Please make sure you hand in your pound donation from the dress up day to your child's teacher so we can send it off to our chosen charity, Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital.  

Spellings for Friday 10.11.17 to be tested on Wednesday 15.11.17

Tigers Lions Leopards Panthers Pumas
chug ring very mind haul
chin king made find haunted
chop bang house slide automatic
chill song mouse balloon author
chip long came suit launch
      fruit August


As part of PHSE this term the children should learn their address and the phone number of a parent or carer.  Please practise this with your child if they don't already know it.  When your child has learnt this information, you should note it in their homework book.  Many Thanks 

KS1 Team

Pencil cases and rucksacks in Key Stage 1: Children do not need pencil cases in Key Stage 1.  We would encourage children to bring in a school book bag rather than a large rucksack due to the lack of space in some of the classrooms.