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Year 1/2 – Ahlberg, Inkpen and Waddell

Welcome to Year 1/2 


Meet our Team  

Waddell Class: Mrs. Harris  Mrs. Allaway 

Inkpen Class: Mrs. Barnes  Mrs. Bingham 

Ahlberg Class: Mrs. White  Mrs Muzzio


Spellings and Homework:

Please note that the spellings for each week of the term are now available for you to access.  Spellings this term will focus on KS 1 high frequency words.  Please encourage your child to write the words in a sentence.  A termly spelling grid will be added to your child's Homework Diary along with the new homework grid.  There will be no need for weekly spelling stickers.  Our new topic is called Street Detectives.  Please note the new homework grid below.




                                                                 Key Information

Key Stage 1 will be visiting St. Luke's Church in Maidenhead on Thursday, 15th March.  We will be learning about how the church prepares for Easter during Holy Week.  The visit will take place in the morning.  We will transport the children in coaches so we will be asking for a contribution to pay for transportation.   Permission slips will be sent out next week.  Thank you for your support.



Waddell: Tuesday and Thursday 


Inkpen: Monday and Tuesday


Ahlberg: Monday and Tuesday


Homework Books:

Homework books need to come in every Wednesday and will be handed out again on Friday.  Please complete at least one task per week.  It may be recorded or stuck in the homework book.  Please tick off the tasks your child has completed on the grid so the teacher can tally up the house points.  Thank you.


Reading: Reading books will be changed regularly. Please bring your reading book and reading record into school every day and place it in the box provided.


Spelling: A spelling grid will be put in your child's homework diary for the entire term.  The website will be updated with weekly spelling grid regularly so you can access the spellings if your homework diary is not to hand.


Homework Grid:  A homework grid will be set half- termly.  Children will be able to select from a       variety of tasks to support their learning. Please encourage your child to select at least one task per week. Children who choose to do more tasks will gain house points for their efforts.




Curriculum News


Literacy: Recounts, Re-tellings, Character descriptions, Settings


Maths: Fractions and Measurement


Science: Local Flowers, Trees, and Plants


P.E. Gymnastics, Dance, and Balance


PSHE:  Healthy Eating and Emotional Well being


Music: Reggae


Topic:  Street Detectives


Geography and History: Local environment and map skills


Art and DT: Drawing, Collage, Model Making, and Painting


R.E:  Lent and Easter







Home Learning


Homework Grid:

Bronze 1 points Silver  2 points Gold 3 points
Learn your address and practise writing it until you can write it accurately without support. Write  a sentence for each day of the week.  Make sure you capitalise the name of the day of the week.  Use a shoe box to make a bird's eye view of your bedroom or design your own dream bedroom.
Learn how to spell the following topic words for a week: address, street, road, house, home, Holyport, England, Europe, Earth Write the months of the year every day in order for a week.  Make sure to capitalise the first letter. Find out three to five interesting facts about Holyport and write them in your homework book.  Prepare to share them with the class.
Take your teddy for a day out in Maidenhead.  Write about where teddy went and what he did.  Write your own poem about your house or garden. Make a traffic survey of your street or nearest busy road with an adult.  What do you see passing in a 15 minute time block?  Include pedestrians and cyclists.  Present your findings in a chart. 
Count all the doors on your street and record their different colours in a chart.

Practise counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s (Year 1)

Practise 3, 5, and 5 times tables (Year 2)

Go on a seasonal walk looking for signs of the changing season.  Photograph or draw at least five clues that tell us that Spring is coming and label them.
Draw and label a picture of your house. Count to 30 in even then odd numbers.  Challenge:  count in even and odd numbers to 100. Make a junk model of your house. 
Draw and label a picture of your dream house.  Be as creative as you want. Write a detailed description of everything you can see from your bedroom window. Make a mini book containing photographs or drawings of your favourite places in Holyport or Maidenhead.  Be sure to include captions.  


Maths homework


We try to set a Maths homework task fortnightly this will be sent home in their orange homework books. We are currently working on counting on and back in 1's, 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's from a given number. We are also learning the multiplication facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and the division facts that link with these. Please continue to practise adding 2 numbers (1 digit and 2 digits or 2 two digit numbers together and learning the number bonds up to and including 20). Thank you!


Number bonds to 20 game (Year 2)




Games and activities to do at home. 

Spellings, are sent home weekly. 




Spellings to be tested Wednesday 28.2.18

Tigers Lions Leopards Panthers Pumas
by house brother fourteen purple
try street sister forty people
dry road mother twenty orange


home father thirty paper
said school over thirteen grey
      eighteen number


Spellings to be tested on Wednesday 7.3.18

Tigers Lions Leopards Panthers Pumas
snow mother your because fourteen
low sister name inside forty
blow brother some outside thirty


over come without thirteen
crow father school year eighty
    home were eighteen


Spellings to be tested on Wednesday 14.3.18

Tigers Lions Leopards Panthers Pumas
school they there pounce number
house said their bounce outside
mouse going wear once inside


showing where your without
town blowing what how people
    who who after

As part of PHSE this term the children should learn their address and the phone number of a parent or carer.  Please practise this with your child if they don't already know it.  When your child has learnt this information, you should note it in their homework book.  Many Thanks 

KS1 Team

Pencil cases and rucksacks in Key Stage 1: Children do not need pencil cases in Key Stage 1.  We would encourage children to bring in a school book bag rather than a large rucksack due to the lack of space in some of the classrooms.