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Holyport School Council 


Our School Council is made up of two children from every class from Reception to Year 6. The children are elected by their class each September. They have special School Council badges so everyone knows who they are!


Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community. The school council is over-seen and supported by Miss Sharp but led by the children themselves. 


There is a School Council noticeboard in our hall with photographs of each member as well information about current projects, completed work and dates for future meetings. The School Council write a School Council newsletter each term

Holyport School Council Newsletter December 2016


As a school council we represent the student voice of Holyport. We meet on a regular basis with both Primary and Early Years school councillors to discuss any suggestions pupils may have. So far this term, we have had three whole school council meetings, one key stage 2 meeting and Early Years have had two of their own. This has provided plenty of opportunity for all students to express their ideas and its work is already having a positive impact on the life of the school.


The representatives, who were elected by their classes in September, have carried out surveys of their classes to explore the thoughts, ideas and suggestions of the children of Holyport. Something that the children and the school councillors asked for was more after school clubs and a better variety of clubs to attend. This term there has been many new clubs added to the list; book club, word club and eco club to name a few. Next term we are pleased to be able to add film club and photography club to the list.


In November the school councillors raised money for the British Legion through the sale of poppies on the lead up to Remembrance day. 


The HSA asked us to carry out a review of Christmas films to assist them with the Christmas Movie night. We found a clear winner in The Polar Express and this was shown in November at the event.

Most recently we have been busy organising Christmas Jumper day at Holyport. This event will raise money for the Save the Children charity and is a fun way to mark the last day of term by dressing up in our favourite Christmas jumpers.


We have lots of exciting projects coming up next term. We will be consulting our classes on their views on reducing the noise level in the lunch room and ideas to make lunch times more fun on the playground. We hope to make our first school council purchases on new play equipment for breaks and lunch times.


Overall, it has been a brilliant term, and we look forward to another one after the break. Thanks school councillors!

Miss Sharp

Teaching lead for School Council


*Update* We raised £330.21 for Save the Children by wearing our Christmas Jumpers to school. Well done Holyport!! 

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The 2016/2017 School Councilors


The results:

Class Girl Representative Boy Representative
Reception Eva Sonny
Inkpen James  Lily
Ahlberg Meghan Max
Rosen Evie Zachary
Milne Ella-Marie Frankie
Kings Smith Evie Josh
C S Lewis Aubrey Jay
Dahl Millie Logan
Swindells Hidaya Michael
Morpurgo Vanetia Jamie
Stevenson Evie Leo
Dickens Katie Neal
Shakespeare Lola Liam


School Council Elections 2016


The children wrote some great manifestos in preparation for this year's elections. In classes children nominated their peers as candidates for election. Voting slips were created with the nominees names on and each class had a turn to cast their vote by placing a cross next to the name of the person they wished to vote for, and placing their ballot in the ballot box. 

2016 School Council Elections

2016 School Council Elections 1
2016 School Council Elections 2
2016 School Council Elections 3
2016 School Council Elections 4